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Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
"do you take this crown
to be your awfully embedded life?"

annus horribilis
hermetically sealed

she wore denim to Wimbledon
and half of Jolly Old England
wanted to burn her alive

annus mirabilis
the chain undone

the calling freedom
yawn sleep yacht
stroll yearn swive

pull the boat ashore
leave the shark infested
waters behind

tell the Queen
to put a cork in it

the sign out of town reads:
"Harry's game, Meghan's law"
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Queen for a day.
Prisoner for life.
Her 'crimes':
New mother and wife;
A woman of color
Thinking for herself;
Just leave her be, please,
Lest history repeat itself.
Tim S Aug 2016
There was a time I felt infinite.
Maybe it was the summer sun,
the laughter, or the innocence.
It could have been the quasi starry nights shared with the ocean.
Those times were momentary sips of grace.

Their beauty culminated into you.
You wouldn't know this,
but I never took the chance to tell you.
Time stood still,
You and I were infinite.

As I stand here under another quasi starry evening,
I no longer feel infinite.
But I can feel you linger,
In my mind, body, and soul.

Those stand still frames of infinity cannot be retraced,
But if that cannot be again my reality,
What would it take to get another sip of momentary grace?
This was inspired by the poem Rider Strong wrote for his character, Shawn Hunter, on Boy Meets World. I decided to make it about an ex-girlfriend of mine.
Liv Dec 2014
how do you bury sunshine
and keep it in a crowded box
it's just a shell
but it's enough for the wind to blow
and the cold rain to fall
a reminder,
as if we needed one,
that even sunshine dies,
after all
Lloyd Johnson Aug 2014
I’m sick of seeing the same old skies,
Sunsets always look the same in the city.
I’m tired of scrolling through Facebook,
Reading statuses of people I don’t even like.
I’m done with tweeting about nothing when I wanna tweet about you.
I’m done with working all day,
Still thinking about you every hour going by.
I’m over smoking a bunch of ****,
Popping pills, doing drugs,
Just trying so hard, for even one second, to not want you.

I want to hate you so bad,
But that’s hard to do when, to me,


(pulls trigger)

*...the only one who could save me

— The End —