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robin kemme Sep 2022
I liked it
I really did
you write beautifully
it reminded me of that book
but different of course
it was a bestseller because
do you know what I liked
when he came in and she and then he says
haha I had to laugh out loud
not because it was bad but because you once said
no of course, that it really happened doesn't matter and
what do you say
that I now put you down as a Sunday writer
if that's how you feel it's your problem
besides, I haven't read it yet.
robin kemme Mar 2021
The call of birds, high up
Hazy light
Through slowly moving curtains
In an anonymous suburb
Abandoned during the day
this day
the day

You laid face down, naked
Ashamed of your body
And waited.

Promising Spring
As if we floated endlessly, high up
But to float is just a delay
When you fall down.
robin kemme Feb 2021
She does not meet my gaze
as she enters, she sees me
and exorcises me with a bleak past.

Her consort sailor, sick or moribund.
She felt lonely, herself and only
considers thoughts
to another life with someone else.

Her eyes value
phantasms swimming.
She is a prisoner and beckons me away.
robin kemme Oct 2020
Please play with closed eyes
About ships that survive waves
Flags flutter Armada!
Battles cannons roar
Shooters shoot drift ashore
Wait wait what do they mean
But one measure after another
Images sail over times
Then and then people

Eyes open and hear nothing more.

— The End —