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Zara Feb 2021
Your heart has grown cold,
This love is bad for my health.
I felt rejected, felt unwanted, felt unneeded so I,
Wrote a love letter to myself.
honestly would recommend doing this to anyone, especially anyone struggling right now, treat yourself kindly always
Zara Nov 2019
A week ago you held my body,
as you soundly slept with your arms around me.
A week ago while you rested your eyes,
I whispered "I love you" in silent lullabies.

Three days ago you made your confession,
with piercing words and an apologetic expression.
You drunkenly stumbled into the bed,
of a girl you'd promised was just a friend.

So tonight I drank so that I was too drunk for the party,
and spent the night wishing you would show up and fight for me.
But as always I was left disappointed,
Despite how I know that waiting for you is pointless.

So I’m on my way home now,
And this empty cab is really getting to me.
I got used to you sitting beside me,
Too used to your body molding around me.

So now I’m calling your number,
Far too many times.
Don’t know what I'm hoping,
For you to stay the night then in the morning I’m broken?

I keep repeating how you ****** it,
I keep repeating how you lied to me.
I keep repeating you shared the taxi home,
I keep repeating how you hid it all from me.

So now I’m blocking your number,
And you’re deleting our messages.
Too late for me to save them,
And too late for you to save this.
just a poem that I wrote from the view point of my friend going through heart break... cheating ain't all that great
Zara Nov 2019
You’re not my fairytale ending person,
You’re my im drunk and I shouldn’t text him person.
Youre the person I see instead when im thinking of him,
Because when I start hurting you are what numbs it.

You’re not on my mind like he always is.
You are what I take to numb my pain.
And I know its ****** to do this to you.
That’s why part of me’s hoping you do it too.

You make me feel wanted,
You make me feel good.
You make me feel all these things he never would.

Thats why youre so **** good at what you do,
Why you’re so **** good at numbing me.
Thats why I text you when Im hurting from him,
Cause you make me forget that he didn’t want me,
And that’s the temporary relief that I need.

In the morning I’ll be fine,
I’ll wake with no scars.
But you won’t be lying beside me,
And I’ll still wake with an empty heart.
just a poem about using someone to distract you from your pain
Zara Aug 2019
I left you one year ago,
You hurt me and so I let you go,
I thought that we had moved passed it though.

But you make it so hard to forget,
It ***** cause you know how to get,
Your words so deep in my head.

You know deep down what im like,
You know I’d never hurt you in spite,
But you say it so that what it sounds like.

Twist my words to mean something else,
Manipulate what I said myself,
Do you know or are you lying to yourself.

Don’t act like I did it easily,
You know know this wasn’t easy for me,
And if you don’t then you never knew me.
Just a poem that I wrote about when someone misreads your intentions when they should know that you were never intending to be hurtful.
Zara Aug 2019
We both agreed that ending it was for the best,
Because sometimes the inevitable becomes unavoidable.
I repeated this to myself thirty times last night,
Yet my blind faith in us still prevailed.

The wind was the sound of your tyres on my drive,
The rain was your tears as you apologised greatly.
The night was a metaphor for how blind you were,
And the light by my front door was your guiding star.

But here I am,
There you are.
170 miles between us,
That pushed us apart.

The wind is empty,
And the rain is cold.
The night is black,
And my front door is closed.

But were you somehow to wonder,
In the midst of the night.
And find yourself by my door,
Would it be from my front door light?
Just a poem I wrote about missing someone
Zara Jun 2019
She smiles so softly,
it's like a ghost.
You can't really see it,
but still you feel like it's there.

And her eyes emit emotion,
but like that of steamer.
The more it lets out,
the more unclear everything becomes.

Her walk is always silent,
in a fashion similar to a cat.
Because there's a constant indecisiveness,
between confidence and concealment.

Her heart is unique however,
it holds no resemblance to anything else.
But sometimes it'll be compared to a distant whisper,
because although you're aware of its existence, you don't know what it is that that it holds.
Just a poem about someone who was known but never understood
Zara May 2019
It’s been the longest month,
Missing you.
My heart seemed to grow,
Fonder despite my distance from you.

Seeing you here again,
Fills my body with ecstasy.
But I have to play the role of the friend,
As I don’t know if you’re ready for me.

And I wish that I could be someone else,
Someone who has the courage to tell you.
To tell you that the truth is,
I think I might be falling in love with you.

But I can’t say it,
Now’s not the time,
You’re not ready for it,
I wish that I could read your mind,

But please fool me a little more,
Pretend I stand a chance like I thought before,
Even if you’ll never want me that way,
I’d be nice to think that you might some day.
just a poem about wanting someone who you realistically know will never like you back but still wanting them anyway
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