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the darkness
the void
from the depths
the sapphire shadows below
i have awaken soon they all will know
from the oceans i rise
i take them all by a chilling surprise
the tides they turn the moon she burns
the great flood is here
the ground soaks in the oceans tears
how long have i slept?
i promise you now this world will know my dread
celestial dreams my planet of rings
my judgment and their cries
"no one can escape her watchful eyes"
my judgment and their cries
my arrival has come there is no one that can hide
now that i am awake terra she shakes
man is five and yes i am eight
the tentacles from your nightmares
the dreams that you hate
the cleanse has begun
my song  is now sung
the world covers in green
in return man he bleeds
so hear my call
the great cthulhu brings you your fall
dun dun dunnnnn i was listening to the call of ktulu by metallica and idk i guess i got inspired
sab ariana Oct 26
i take drugs i'm not prescribed
ill still say that i'm alright
i think id rather be dead than alive

everyday i get high
i still pretend i believe your lies
it's my own behavior that led to my demise

i have no where to run
drinking and driving used to be more fun
no other option now but to grab my gun
uhm writing on here has made me realize whats really always on my mind.
3 things: drugs, boys and suicide.
sab ariana Oct 25
i asked him do you believe in fate?
i always give more than i take
tell me what it is you hate
cant stand my friends they're all so fake

i know you want me dead
why don't you just take my head?

i know that you want to **** me
but i just want you to feel me

up and down my mood swings
im so dumb when i do these things
im so numb after all these drinks

now tell me will you be my end?
i just need a friend
lets play pretend

im okay
my stream of thoughts
sab ariana Oct 22
i'm on a drug binge
poison leaking from me like i'm singed
singed is a character from league of legends, he leaks out this poisonous gas. after a long night of hard drugs i feel like poison is leaking from my pores much like that guy.
sab ariana Oct 19
i am waiting for you
to get out of my head
i am waiting for you
to come see me in bed
and after our fun
well grab our gun
splatter the walls red
it will be delicious
a mouthful of lead
together forever
now that were both dead
contrary to what i say, i really don't want to die. i promise, i couldn't even hurt a fly. let alone you. i want you to live for as long as you can. because the world needs you my precious man.
sab ariana Oct 19
three of swords
my mother called me a *****
three of swords
he said he loved me he swore
three of swords
he pushed me down to the floor
three of swords
i've turn rotten right to the core
three of swords
life has become such a chore
three of swords is a tarot card, it's an image of a large bleeding heart with three swords piercing it, in the background of the picture you can see stormy weather. i have it tattooed on my arm, i do have a big heart with a lot of love to give. i love love. i love being in love, i grow and thrive through love. i think i'm strong and i have overcome a lot of hurt in my life. but unfortunately there are some traumas from my past that are stuck in my heart like a knife. i just keep bleeding.
sab ariana Oct 18
i just want to be held
thinking of you
i can't help but to miss
the way that it felt
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