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Out of the womb into the microwave.
Lost in it's soup till it pulls you beneath the grave.

Get this woodpecker out of my head,
I can't hear myself think.
It's voice speaks through the radio,
telling me to go build the anti man.

Seeing life through the anti man's eye,
We are all perceiving a lie.
Hold it in your hands,
Wear it on your heads,
Put it in your arm.
You are pushing yourself into place.

We're killing god,
And we're building the anti man.
We are at war,
With our maker!
Ainsley Feb 6
when i meet the maker
is  no man but a woman
with a cigarette in one hand and exhilaration in the other
with love in one eye and disdain in the other.
i look at her as she looks at me
she raises an eyebrow as those
sweep over m e
‘why are you here’
the question hangs in the air such as a bird would before it has to choose whether to fly or
‘to meet you’ i answer
she just throws her head back and laughs
the sound of
bells filling the void
though i grow cold and frightened when the sound reaches me
she locks
with me, sending shivers along my spine
then her answer chills me to the bone
her idea her question hangs in the air like an
‘what makes you think i want to meet you’
Diána Bósa Jun 2018
Once I was a preserver
a wayfarer
a maker
but later
you turned me into a useless stargazer
by losing the will of being your tracer
I ceded my kismet on becoming an engraver

I grew to be nothing but a moveless eraser
once a
delight to
splurge an
assortment of
chocolate while
enhance its
purveyor like
copious spoons
on layers
there that'd
make confection
sweet as
pie but
connoisseurs haven't
hastened the
dictate conclusively
every time
It is time to change the way things are, scratch that smell from our noses, like **** in a bottle chucked out the window while going 90,

The free fall fogs up the glasses on a blushed face, 40oz till we down the sound of crying,

Lie across the ocean
Lie across the land
Send truth over and watch it slip through the cracks,

Breached news of frustration calls "Canada is coming, what the **** is America doing,"
We do our best to travel against all odds, piloting a spoon made of silver into a greedy pocket originally meant to feed those eating mud pie, baking in an ever dying sun as fish float up to the surface,

Choking down the salt water to avoid drill, give them a gun instead, it will protect our false memories and concocted purpose,

This was paid for by ink soaked bones working in minimum oxygen to the brain, featured on rolls of film stripping off clothes covered in lust,

Taking hold of a crowd with merely this voice, conducting an audience with bed knobs and broomsticks, rhythmically grinding the **** awry, taste this sun from the lips of a fairy, mystical or not we were there to receive,

Open our hearts via chaos trained messages, massaging back pains to the point of tears, electromagnetism therapy causing the lights around the dance floor to flicker, moving at incomprehensible speeds relating colors between points B to Z,

On numbered grids the scale is curved to fit the description of another one biting the dust,
And as we finally rest on cold stones the Panic sets in.
Seanathon Jun 2017
When I'm like this
I can paint on the wind with a feather brush
And mix the colors fervently

Though I do not stain

I can hold the canvas however I please
And hang it on a lively tree
Just for you to see

*The way which these creations have made me
Because a creator creates....happily.
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I'm the Giver!
I'm the Safer!
I'm the Secret Keeper!
I'm the Peace Maker!
And she stood there...turning her eyes away from me...
And she Stood there...away from her car and her body refuses to leave...
And she stood there...covering her body with her gentle hands in shyness...
She...Asked.... "Can I ask you for something!"!!
With A smile...With a trembling Heart...With I said "I will give that Hug" that I hold it back hours ago!!...
Throwing herself into my arms, and hiding her face out of shyness...
She threw herself, saying in silence "I want to feel safe!"!...
She threw herself, clinging strongly to my chest as if she is saying..." Don't Disappear!"...
She.....didn't know before she asked...
                                All her prayers were answered!!!!
Adam Nov 2016
Seeking solace
in the impenetrable fortress that I built
Only for the walls to be pierced
by the arrows of my own guilt

Can anybody really differentiate
between the truth and the lies?
Is our failure to do so
the reason we resort to temporary highs?

Deep down I know, my true Love
looks down upon me from the skies
I just hope in my silence
He could hear my prayers and my cries.

If you awake to news
that I have died in the morn
Be still
Don't cry, don't mourn

No need for you to get down on two knees,
all I ask for is a little prayer
And remember me for my good deeds
so I can be prepared to meet my Maker
hazem al jaber Nov 2016
love's maker ...

i am ...
i'm the letter ...
dancing into your book's life ...
letters within letters ...
dances to write your life ...
through my feelings and love ...
i'm the happiness ...
the happiness to your heart ...
to your thoughts ...
to your imaginations ...
and to all your dreams ...
which i drew through my words ...

i'm the maker of love ...
the love to your heart ...
which i planted there ...
irrigated it within my blood ...
runs so deep inside your ...
writes the love within every drop ...
as i always telling you ...
with every new day ...
i love you ...

i'm your world ...
your real earth ...
i'm your happiness...
your real sweet dreams ...
i'm the love ...
love i'v made ...
created inside you ...
just to be for me ...

yes sweetheart ...
i'm the maker of love ...
and because of you ...
i wrote you as a poem ...
the poem to my life ...
and still keep writing you ...
to give you more love ...
through my all breathes ...
and all my words ...
which it always says ...
love you  ...

hazem al ...
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