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Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
Dear Mrs. Timetable,

I'm writing you
From the bargain bin
Of a local bookstore,
Eating a peanut butter then jelly
I must admit
It tastes pretty good.
How about we go out
For ice cream this evening?
We'll put on clothes,
And our best designer mask,
And head over to 31 flavors.
So long as it's chocolate, of course...
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
You bloom so bright for me
in each & every season

be it the intense heat in summer
or the frosted chill of winter

then there are days when
you are the only thing that shines

you're a strength
I greatly need & admire

you're an endurance
so priceless, so vast

I long each day
to nourish you in return

love is a gift
& you're the kindest one
imaginable to me

together we are firmly rooted
& so we shall remain
for all time to come
For Mrs Timetable.
Happy 25th anniversary, my love.

jolie fleur is French for 'pretty flower.'
Jasmin jazz Sep 2018
1..2.. clock ticks.4..5...
It disturbs me in 5: 00 am
To wake up for my new day
It disturbs at 12:00 noon
For having my lunch at 12:30
Again it disturbs me at 2:55pm
To be 3:00 pm to reach my home
At last I scolds it to be 11:00 pm
To go for a nice sleep
And to welcome the next day....
This is what happens in the life of a student

Life is a cycle for every one same time table.. But some factors makes it different from the rest of the days.

My poor old clock.   : )

— The End —