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miracle Mar 10
You know that feeling
Hiding behind your make up
Wanting to cry
But then your mascara will be ruined
Don’t show emotions
Don’t show your pain
Act strong
Nobody will try to look trough that layer of    
make up anyways
each morning when she brushes her makeup on her face
she feels like picasso painting a masterpiece
she is a beautiful piece of artwork
larni Feb 21
i spend too much time on my makeup
to let you mess up my mascara
couldn't think of a title...
Anthea Feb 19
We've grown apart
And back together
Through seasons and seasons
Of stormy weather
DG Feb 11
It smells just like her
It smells just like the woman who taught my mother to raise me
The woman who comforted me when it stormed
The woman who taught me to appreciate my German heritage
I miss her . . .
Gucci bloom smells just like my great-grandmother guys it’s freaky
serena Jan 26
people tell me i’m beautiful when i sleep
like an angel at rest
my only secret is
i forget to take my makeup off.
kiran goswami Jan 20
Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
Julischka Jan 13
I bought a silicone make-up sponge
To cover all the blemish
Patriarchy doesn’t cherish.
It’s fancy and squishy
The foundation’s quite wishy-washy.
Wolf Dec 2018
Laughter is like makeup
Proper use
Enables youth and joy
But just as simply
Great amounts
Cover sights for no one's eyes
Concealing a blemish
Disguising deep despair
Fake fools shall be found out
As I have already failed
Makeup run dry
Laughter deemed empty
Osamase Ekhator Dec 2018
We both said we would move on,
But our U-haul never came
and the baggage remained.

Now, when she’s yelling my name,
I’m still thinking about yours.

And when you’re taking selfies with him,
you can’t help but
see me in the picture still.

So if this love is still a Home,
then let’s leave the door unlocked.

And kick these ******* guests out.
More poems on Insta: @osamasetorbest
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