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I saw him at the pool in Mexico. Laughing with his friends. I haven’t forgotten their names, nor their faces. It was wonderful to see them all again.
I could see, he’s happy.
As I walked past, my heart wrenched in my chest. My lungs stuttered.
My step, though, did not falter.
We may both be young at heart and as foolish. Oh, but I could not approach.
I don’t want to be the cause of his frown, no more than I want to see his eyes light up at me again. No. So I walked past.
Head held high, for all the tears that sill fall on my cheeks.

I saw him at the pool.
But it was only a memory, and no more.
I hold it true, whate'er befall
I feel it, when I sorrow most
'Tis better to have love and lost
Than lie and never have love at all.

I'll cry out for your name
But it will never be the same
Enraged i cry, heartbroken inside
Can't take the pain, there's no way to hide.

I sink down right beside your promise
Your love in despair was put in demise
It's blissful as it seems every night
But then I'll woke up tomorrow like there's no light.

Good bye, for you cannot see me weep
Burn everything, there is nothing for you to keep.
I did not want to leave you, never.
But what you have said forever,
is never together.
A death of love
mere 1d
You left and I'm lost.
You left me without
leaving any trace of yours,
Only the small broken pieces
of the sand you destroyed,
In exchange of the service of joy.

Nights had passed,
I'm here waiting for you to
come back,
Thinking how memorable it was,
And those moments will flash back.

Waves are now gone,
together with my sandcastle
you took.
I thought it's something I can call "mine",
But to realize we're just both fools.

From your waves,
From your words,
From your thoughts.

Winter has finally came,
With the glimpse of your breeze,
But you are no longer the same,
You are no longer here.

You left,
and I'm lost.
You walked away,
and I was destroyed.

For you are the waves,
and my soul is the sand castle.
mere 1d
i'm lost,
not on a place,
but on the words
you used to say.
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.

But all I have ever been taught is
To be a joke, because thats all I am
To be silent, because nobody really cares
To never ask for help, because I'd just be judged
To never say no, Because I'd get punished.

And all I've ever been told is
I'm not beautiful
I'm not fitting their standards
I'm not not going to be loved

so thank you, step father
Thankyou for destroying everything I was.
We look into each other's eyes.
Mine shining so brightly,
Yours wilding so frightfully.
I see you as a rose, so angelic and romantic.
You see me as a ****, so week and bleak.
I think about you like an angel hitting my every angle. So mesmerizing and hypnotizing...

Open your eyes little girl,
For love is just a place where someone can go to drown, and never to be found...

So why try?
DG 1d
Someday you’ll look back
And you’ll see the mess you made
The path you should have took
I hope one day you’ll miss me
I hope it makes you cry
I hope it makes you feel just how you made me feel last night
Please don’t forget I love you
I hope every once in awhile, you’ll keep in touch
Because you’re the only person I have eyes for, and such
She's at the point where she can't take anymore.
They've all became a bore,
But they still call her a *****.
She asks herself every night if she wants her bestfriend to come out of it's drawer and into sight,
So she can just have a lovely night.
You're hiding yourself
So good
That you don't actually
Know where is it anymore
You don't know what you want
You just need someone there
Don't care who is it
Just anyone
To fill the emptiness
In you
That you actually are the one
Who created it
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