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Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
Hopefully if you're unfamiliar with that song google will comply and locate it for you.


Blue skies out West look deeper in a sense
Than Illinois e'er knows, clouds in betrayl
'Non floating laz'ly in such vast seas they'll
Assure ye rare pools know, til I from thence
Half ache to be in those dear prairies hence
As childhood fondly knew, swept to avail
Clean of these houses clustered sans aught bail,
And where the Thunderbirds roar through fr'intents.
I said I'd join the Air Force, but Dad fer
All that said: No.  And that is better too.
Yet oh! the Rocky Mountains!  O those pure,
Unfathomed bluest skies!  What is't that'd woo
Me from their depths?  I feel it 'non bestir
My soul, just watching from afar.  And you?

Or mebbe I'll record myself singing it one of these days...only the chorus, though--"Colorado, THAT's King Sooper's Way, That's King Sooper's Way...." Is it called Aldi's in the armpit?
Annie McLaughlin Jan 2018
We were once just kids
With big hopes and big dreams and freckled faces in summer streams
We were once just kids
Making out on your bedroom floor, with no idea of what was to come anymore
We were once just kids
That skipped school to spend more time together and huddled up in the colder weather
We were once just kids
That snuck out past curfew so that we could dance in the rain, and that was our virtue
We were once just kids
That rode bikes around town and helped each other up whenever one of us would fall down
We were once just kids
But we are no longer, that's clear
From the day that you left, you told me "Our life starts here"
We were once just kids
But now you're a man in a uniform
And I'm his soon-to-be wife
With just our memories to keep me warm
We are no longer kids
You have our country to serve for now,
And I have letters every night to send out
We are no longer kids
And we have cares and we have worries and we have things to complain about
But we still have each other and that's the one thing that ever counts
We were once just kids
But now we're grown and our life began
And I'm still hopelessly in love with you,
My United States Airman.
We've watched each other grow, and we still continue to do so. I could not be more proud of him... My Airman.
You're far too perfect to be mine
And far too perfect to forget
Military short hair
Blonde in the summers
When you lifeguard
Almost brunette in the winters
When you're a ski instructor
A single vein in your forehead
That shows when you feel
About some noble cause
Brown eyes that are
Too quiet to hear
Over the fireworks that explode
From their outside corners
With your laughter
Strong shoulders
From years of military training
Arms the perfect length
To encircle me
When you're excited to see me
When I need to cry
Because you want to
All leading down to your heart of gold
Lacking scars of
To mar the
Flawless surface
You're my best friend
The one I tell my darkest secret
My biggest fear
My newest achievement
My deepest sorrow
But never
How much I miss him
You're far too perfect to be mine
And far too perfect to forget
I could write a hundred thousand poems and never find the right words to ask you to choose me.

— The End —