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Alya Adzkia Sep 2020
when you choose to fall in love,
make sure you know that there will be

when you choose to have string attached,
make sure that your wasted time
will be precious.

when you choose someone to fall for,
make sure that person is
don't be too late to reconsider.
Alya Adzkia May 2020
I was laying on my bed
          staring at blanks
and I just realized one thing

Nothing is eternal. I wouldn’t be able to turn back time even if I really want to. Mistakes are mistakes. Blessings are blessings. At the moment.

I have to cherish moments. There’s no forever. Nothing is gonna lasts forever. I have to appreciate moments. I wouldn’t be able to stop time. But whenever we’re together, it feels like the world is ours. It feels like the time has stopped. But it’s not.

Time is spinning. I can’t stop it. and I can’t turn it back.
Alya Adzkia Apr 2020
I remember you asked me a hard question.

No it wasn’t about algorithms, it wasn’t about physical chemistry, it was about..

“Why do you love me?”

Ah, how can I answer this?

Maybe it was because of your goofy smile at the hall
Maybe it was because of the way your gaze always remain soft everytime you stare at me
Maybe it was because the way you sweep your sweat in the middle of the day
Maybe it was because how your ears got red when you’re happy.

But, no. Not at all. You were just being you.

“It’s because of who you are when you’re with me.”
Alya Adzkia Apr 2020
I have never loved my flaws
                  my tiger stripes
                  my large forehead
                  my imperfect skin
                  my unsymmetrical bones

But he loves them
       he admires them

He told me that I don’t have to be perfect
                     I don’t have to be insecure

He makes me feel the beauty of loving and be loved
He makes me admire myself.
Alya Adzkia Feb 2019
moon, oh dear moon
I wanna discuss about my feelings to you tonight.
I'll explain my pain,
I'll spill out the tea,
I'll whisper those secrets,
I'll break my commits,
I'll pour my tears,
I'll tell you everything, tonight. just tonight.

so listen. listen carefully.

listen to my words and phrases. listen to my cracking voice. listen to my worries. listen to my untold ever stories. listen to my insecurities. listen to me.

you don't need to answer, I just need you to listen.

— moon oh dear moon,
if only I could lean on your shoulder.
Alya Adzkia Jan 2019
the grey sky snapped the most beautiful lights yet terrible sounds that my soul has ever experienced. and I’ve never loved lightning as much as I did on that afternoon.

I get attracted easily by simple beautiful things in this beautiful universe. but the lightning, oh, yes the lightning has taught me that loving something means accepting it all. I love its beautiful flash but I also have to love its awful rhythm.

I love your cheesy laugh but I also have to love your anger. I love your maturity but I also have to love your ego. and oh, I love your beautiful soul but I also have to love your flaws.

— mi amor,
everything everything everything.
Alya Adzkia Nov 2018
our relationship is like
you force the sun to stay on such a gloomy, rainy day
because you need her to warm your soul up
no, she couldn't shine as bright as usual

but you asked the sun to leave at night
because there is a moon
there is a constellation of stars
there are citylights
they brighten up your dark soul

and suddenly you like cold weather

and suddenly you miss a warm morning

and suddenly you don't wanna be interupted by her light

and suddenly you miss her flame

— and

enlighten me,
how can I survive?
Alya Adzkia Oct 2018
the sweet breath of the north wind
the frosty air on my skin
the sunshine is hiding
the bird isn't there to sing
the leaves are wet
the raindrops are falling through these grey clouds

— today's weather isn't friendly,
but your smile warms me up.
(still) can't get over you.
Alya Adzkia Sep 2018
do I love you or do I love the other version of you that I built on my delusion?

the appearance of yourself that I make up in bed before I go to sleep. who always does silly things just to see me laughing whatever mood I'm in.

the appearance of yourself that complete my boyfriend material expectations. well, maybe that's the reason why I don't enjoy watching romance movies. not just because they always talks about happily ever after that bores me, but also because those movies established my expectation on you become higher and higher.

so I treat you as well as I could because the other version of you treats me as if I'm the luckiest ******* the planet. but I still love you the same, tho.

— so darling,
I guess I'm in love with a fantasy.
I write with hearts.
Alya Adzkia Sep 2018
I never knew
that the sound of those raindrops
on my window
the scent of wet soil
after rain
the melodies of these songs
on my spotify playlist
could remind me of you

remind me of the sound of
your lovely laughter
remind me of the scent of
your sweet perfume
remind me of the sound of
your sleepy voice

— I never knew
that missing you
could be this tough.
tu me manques.
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