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Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
I love when you speak to me softly
The words falling from your lips as sweet as honey
Every syllable pulls me deeper into a dream-like state
Your voice, as soft as cashmere, comforts my soul
I could listen to your velvet voice forever

GulRukh Apr 2018
He is long gone
but I am here, right here where He left
at the same place where we first meet
where our love grew
where we look at each other from far corner
where He stole my number from record room
because He was too scared to talk to me
where we always walk pass each other like none of us exist
where I envy His intelligence
and He love my attitude
where He told me that He love me when the first time He lay His eyes on me
where I fight Him over little things
and He say sorry for my mistakes
where I wait for little glimpse of His presence
where He protect me from bad people
where I can rely on Him with my eyes close
where I woo perfection of His athletic body
and He make fun of my flimsy existence
where we make promises
where He leave me because people talk about us
because people will talk **** about me
because we have no future together
because we belong to different worlds
because our religions were different
but I am still standing there
waiting for Him
where we first fall for each other
Endless waiting for the Love of my life and I can wait forever
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2019
Write a song about me
How I make you feel
Sing it to me at our favourite spot
Sing a song to me

Write a song about love
Write a song about us
Sing it to me at our favourite spot
Sing a song to me

We'll stare into each other's eyes
Cause darling, we'll feel butterflies
If this isn't love, what is?
You and me here together
Darling, this is nothing but love.
I wrote this as a song but I changed some parts to publish it as a poem.
colzzmacdonald May 2017
In this life
We have love
We may not have had
The passage of time together
The years of naivety
Youth or freshness of spirit
We have not caressed
Our younger bodies
Enjoyed the sanctity of being as one
When our skin was smoother
Our touch was softer
Our hearts were open to receiving
More congenially
A time when we may have
Chosen indiscriminately
This led us down a road that was
Right for the time
Yet now outgrown ~
The model of love

We have the maturity of mind
Still the tenderness of heart
Enjoying the ability to cherish
That which the Universe brings us
We have more complex bodies
That savors the relaxed
Appeasing, sensuality of love-making
Remaining as a priceless work of art
Instead of the rushed; less intense
Inexperience youth often brings
We have each other in what will be
The ultimate love of its kind
The last known to us in this lifetime
Our twilight years, may come and go
But we have love that lives on
Forever recorded in history
The mistakes of the past rewritten
Because now, in this life
We truly found ~
The model of love
~ It's never too,late~
Teressia Feb 2017
we both have something in the care of our hands
but we will never share,
because somebody is a little too selfish,
It's either you or i,
and am not close to sure who?
if only that river kiss becomes nothing in that dream
and becomes something in this reality we are so fearful off
somebody got to be responsible for breaking this wall,
that we both had part in building,
I don't know about you, but i want it down
I'm grateful for the sunshine,
but i am waiting to enjoy it with you
the flowers are still blooming in my heart,
and I'm not ready to let them wither,
but when time decides later, they will wither on their own
Its been too long and nothing seemed to change,
just more sleepless nights and more day time fantasies,
midnight and daytime fantasies that are too good for reality
I'm curious to how far you've hold up,
because years have gone by here and again,
And this is how far I've come...
I've fallen a little deeper, a little too much everyday
In my memory only stayed smiles and sweet laughters of love,
that we rejected to acknowledge
I still wonder why we put up the walls?
be it that we have the same stories that we never shared?
I think felled a little more, a little too much for love that never arrived
I'm afraid to let go of my butterflies,
because i'm afraid i might never get the same kinds from anyone
I'm keeping my garden flowerful, colorful and bloomy for a love that might never arrive!
Mane Omsy Oct 2016
I held her face
With my palms
Gave a kiss on her cheek
Her tears of joy
When she saw it positive
We are so blessed
Sweetheart, my queen
Is it a princess or a prince
Or are we blessed with twins?
Love of my life
I could make out the figure in the twilight
It’s all your lovely face I see,
And with the moon rising
I see your smile,
Always infectious
The gentle murmur of waves on the beach
is our love music that beats in unison with our hearts
As I hold you in my arms
And kiss your lips with tenderness
while your soft lips
drip honey to my mouth
Like honey in the rock.
Love is beautiful with nature and nature defines the degree of love to humanity. If nature is void, love is void, too.  We are created to give and receive love in a passionate way to feel the importance of our existence. Love is the essence of existence, both nature and humanity.
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