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Alice May 25
there is a way to feel no hurt
there is a way for their words to lose
the sting

there is a way to die by no others hand
but your own
Alice May 25
to care deeply is to be blissful and terrified all at once
you should not be able to put me back together.
you should not have the power to tear it all down again.
Alice May 25
all the questions you ask of god echo back.
how have you not yet learned to save yourself?
Alice Apr 30
I think in a small way, I always knew it was you
you've always taken care of me quietly
told me difficult truths
surprised me with my favorite drink
(you memorized my order)
because you knew I was sad before I even
told you
you make me want to be a better person
I am a better person because of you
I like myself better with you
you even took me & my little sister to ice cream just because
Alice Mar 31
there is a time and a place in which I am entirely and completely loved. in which my demons have been quieted and my mornings are soft. I will be safe. I will love and be loved without questioning.
I will create my own paradise.
I will repeat this truth until it is my reality
Alice Mar 9
but now that I've found you
and you're millions of miles away
it hurts worse

come home
Alice Mar 4
but that look
your look
still haunts me

how can so many emotions be wrapped
in an iris?

the last words you said to me
right before you left

had already been spoken
you told me you were leaving far before you did
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