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Ruch Jun 2019
And the breeze settled
Giving way to the moist air
It came in slow
N entered our lives
Like a relief and a calm affair

Slow and steady
It washed the pain
Which were waiting for days
For the summer to end

And slowly it eased the turmoil within
That fought the battles
Which we failed to ease

The stars went missing
The clouds went dark
And the thunder light
Showcases its brightest spark

And i walked alone on the streets of moist
The smell of soil and the evening light
The birds sang songs of returning home
The nest were wet but the birds still roam

They flew to the height the eagles dare
Trying to reach the clouds
A sight of hope a sight so rare
And from where the world looked green and brown
The rain followed the direction and
The birds bought them down

The respite the joy
The nature gives us
And ask for nothin
Only belief and trust
If u think of hurting
This mighty planet mite turn
Into pieces and fragments
U will fail to return...

So love the moments it gives you
Of pleasure unending
Dont destroy dont ****
Joy is all that its sending..
Ruch Feb 2019
There was a mountain across the grill
Long and far
It stayed there still
There was a rising view of colored hues
And magic breeze
It blowed gently for miles
There was a book lying upon my desk
With a thousand notes and thoughts untill
The pen that wrote the mighty words
Of the glory days fullfilled
I sat there gazing and wondering why
The cold was dark and blue
The sky was mist and winter chill
My eyes were painting hues
I penned some words
Of tress and shrubs
Life living the mountain ways
I made some tea
With warmth and feel
And a book indeed to read
Realizing my ways
Not all is lost
His ways are still unclear
He has your back
All you need is to start
Coz Not all views in life lead to a journey
some lead to your heart❤️
Ruch Feb 2019
Yet to shine!

The golden side is yet to shine
The mountains within are still to rise
The shadows in the valley are yet too dark
But the peaks at the top are in my sight..

The lonely bird will reach there first
The wind is cold but his aim is bright
He doesnt feather away of the stones that were pelled
He sings song of the warriors he puts in a fight..

He tries to fly ..,each day all the way
From hills to the rivers
From every sand to each bay
He gets no rest no help no stay
His heart guides him all
doesnt complain but prays

And he finds his way struggling someday
The troubles the pain all wither away
And the peak when he reaches he looks  at the world
The men who tried to pull him down
Are singing songs of his glory day!
Ruch Jan 2019
I found the sky beneath my horizon
I flew to the plains majestic and vast
I rang the bells of the god in the mountains
I breathed the air of the valley enchanting
I saw the wanderers throught their quest and thirst
I saw the men fall for the valleys at dusk
Ive seen the love that grows beneath the trees
Like the shadowed cloud on a monsoon eve
I felt the drench and the drops so hard
And the mother river flowing very deep and far
I had no doubts And I also believed
I was still curious I was still keen
I had to wander I had to dream!!

— The End —