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  Nov 8 Katinka
Krizel Grace
She's written with crimson red blood,
Unceasingly flowing
From her invisible cuts.

Dressed with carefully picked enthralling wordsー
Seemingly fitting, seemingly perfect
But as you read between the lines,
You'll be wrapped with her gloomy wilting vines.

She could either be a riddle
And leave you bewildered,
Or be an answer
And shed some light upon you.

For she's a sad poem
But beautifully written.

Katinka Oct 30
I wanna run
As fast as I can
And scream
As loud as I can
I wanna hit the wall
With all my strength
And break stuff
With all that anger

I wanna hide
In neverland
And cry
In pain
I wanna jump
With all reassurance
And never wake up
With all that sadness

I wanna laugh
As loud as I can
And dance
As long as possible
I wanna kiss
To feel alive
And live
To feel love
Katinka Oct 30
I just wish I was thinner
I just wish I was smaller
I just wish I was prettier
I just wish I wasn't me

I wanna cut of pieces of my body
I dont wanna look at it
I wanna throw up
I don't want this body

I can feel the the cold water
I can feel it in my empty stomach
I can feel the muscle ache
I can feel it burning

But it still isn't enough
And it will never be
No matter how hard I try
Because I wasn't enough
Katinka Aug 20
Somedays I break down
and somedays I cry
somedays the nights are hard
and somedays I don't stand up

Sometimes I can't hold it
and sometimes it hurts
sometimes the void gets bigger
and sometimes I can't get out

One day I will show you me
and one day I will be honest
One day I will be honey and glass
and one day you will see it
Katinka Aug 20
I know you, you´re like this
I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish to make you happy

Because you make me happy
and I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish you didn´t

So I will try my very best
and I know it´s not on me
but somedays I just wish
I just wish we were happy
Katinka Aug 20
It feels like I´m suffocating
being oppressed by my mind
so I will hideaway
till it gets better

And if I tell myself long enough
maybe I will believe it
and I will drown these demons
but I´ll drown with them

Please let me breathe
I wanna feel
but I am too afraid
of what will be
Katinka Aug 20
My voice breaks
and tears begin to fall
and for your own sake
I will build this wall

And when the night sets in
these walls break down
I can feel it under my skin
when no ones around

I want to be high
so I don't need to think
dissolve into the sky
please hand me the drink
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