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  Sep 2021 Katinka
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
Katinka Jul 2021
When it hurts so bad
that you can´t breathe
and your heart screams
as it shatters

lock them away
take my feelings
take them all
and bury them deep

But you took the good
and now I just feel empty
I forgot how to laugh
forgot how to love

so I´ll take them back
because all this pain
I will take it on me
to love you one more day
Katinka Feb 2021
I´m quick to fall in love
but just as quick as I do
I fall out of love

every little inconvenience
and I think about running away
the smallest doubt
and I am questioning everything

Sometimes I just wish
I wouldn't feel as much
that just for once
I could silence my mind

To put an end
to this rollercoaster of fear
and anxiety

But on the days, I stop feeling
I forget who I am

because I  feel like
I am just a bunch of emotions
and thoughts

Stuck in a body
this world gave me
and then I forget to exist
in the present
  Nov 2020 Katinka
Krizel Grace
She's written with crimson red blood,
Unceasingly flowing
From her invisible cuts.

Dressed with carefully picked enthralling wordsー
Seemingly fitting, seemingly perfect
But as you read between the lines,
You'll be wrapped with her gloomy wilting vines.

She could either be a riddle
And leave you bewildered,
Or she could be an answer
And shed light upon you.

For she's a sad poem
But beautifully written.

Katinka Oct 2020
I wanna run
As fast as I can
And scream
As loud as I can
I wanna hit the wall
With all my strength
And break stuff
With all that anger

I wanna hide
In neverland
And cry
In pain
I wanna jump
With all reassurance
And never wake up
With all that sadness

I wanna laugh
As loud as I can
And dance
As long as possible
I wanna kiss
To feel alive
And live
To feel love
Katinka Oct 2020
I just wish I was thinner
I just wish I was smaller
I just wish I was prettier
I just wish I wasn't me

I wanna cut of pieces of my body
I dont wanna look at it
I wanna throw up
I don't want this body

I can feel the the cold water
I can feel it in my empty stomach
I can feel the muscle ache
I can feel it burning

But it still isn't enough
And it will never be
No matter how hard I try
Because I wasn't enough
Katinka Aug 2020
Somedays I break down
and somedays I cry
somedays the nights are hard
and somedays I don't stand up

Sometimes I can't hold it
and sometimes it hurts
sometimes the void gets bigger
and sometimes I can't get out

One day I will show you me
and one day I will be honest
One day I will be honey and glass
and one day you will see it
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