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brandon nagley Mar 2017
Welkins so melancholy, welkin so gray,
How mine isolation dost mock me; for
Only the lonesome make sharu fotay.

Bedchamber so hushed, bedchamber of many tears; how I feel thy ivory paint,
How I feel thy pain here.

Hallway so narrow, hallway that breathes, O' hallway, O' hallway, listen when I sing.
Grab mine hand, O' hallway of mine abode,
Mine feet do walk quietly, on thy carpet; thy soul.

Spirit O' spirit, how heavied thou art, soon shalt thou depart; for the world is to much.

Mine skin yearns for kisses, mine fingers for touch, O' many hath wishes, guess I ask for to much.

Mine hair screams loudly, to be caressed, ruffled. How gray art the welkins; when a poet's love is muffled.

Mine hand tis weak, from not having ones grip, mine lips chapped; no wetness
Nor mist.

Mine dance is off, with none holding of hips, mine glance is off; eyes pained
By watching worldliness.

Mine old worn out ninety-sixties Beatles boots art worn, tired they mourn; they've
Walked many miles; on trails I've turned.

They've walked through streets, where dope addicts fiend, I've been that pusher, that user in scenes.

I've dreamt, I've dreamed, hath had many emotions; with mother and dad, I've smoked and mind opened.

Mine hope in God strong, unearthly, outspoken; I'm here on thy globe,
To bring hope to the hopeless.

Mine garb is bygone, outstandish, I'm Irish, Scottish, two types of native American Indian blood; Chickasaw-Choctaw,
From mother's generational flood.

A Greek man's inside me, one of biblical times, with french royalty, even Charlemagne, is connected to
Family of mine.

As well french power, and kings and queens, emperor's, empresses in mine relations; who ruled Rome with
Maximus, and around

With pilgrim cruor from England, that came here on ships; on the Mayflower they traveled, to this place of new bliss.

Even tis I am Swiss, these art mine bloodlines, O' how mine souls old,
A gold refined.

This is me O' Lord, thy lonesome son,
O' this is me God, thy writer
Of love.

Welkins so melancholy, welkin so gray,
How much longer O' loneliness; til
Thou shalt go away.

Tonight, O' tonight, shalt be silence once again;

Thus the dream of being held, is just
A thought with none end.

© Brandon nagley
© Lonesome poets poetry
Word meanings-
Welkins; relating to the skies, the heaven's.
Dost; does
sharu fotay; this is a word I created, it uses to words I created, (sharu fotay) pronounced as you see, meaning ( love created by poetry).
Mine; means ( my) in archaic form as I write old style.
Bedchamber; old word for bedroom.
Thy; your.
Abode; home, residence.
Art; is (are) archaic form.
Hath; have.
Tis; it is.
Garb; clothing.
Bygone; belonging to an earlier time.
outstandish; In olden times, English speakers used the phrase outlandish man to refer to a foreigner - or, one who came from an outland, which originally meant "a foreign land." From here, outlandish broadened in usage from a word meaning "from another land" to one describing something unfamiliar or strange.
Cruor; blood.
Thus; as a result of this.
If notice I put all my bloodlines in my poetry guess just to make it fun and for other's to learn about me if they get bored enough to wanna know of me lol.
As mother's side is all Irish, Scottish, two types of native American. Chickasaw/Choctaw which actually we're two separate native American tribe's out west that became one tribe to settle differences, both are very prophetic tribe's, and are very spiritual as both are known to have prophets in their tribe's and people who have dreams and visions, though I consider myself no Prophet though the Lord Jesus Christ has given me many dreams and few visions of what's coming to this planet soon as our Bible speaks in Joel 2 and acts 2;

As Joel 2 speaks this in the Bible also book of Acts what's occuring by the thousands all over the globe people having dreams visions of what's going to come to pass upon earth prophetic wise as Bible spoke. You can see all those dreams and visions thousands on YouTube.
Joel 2:28-32

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call

I also got Cherokee native blood in me there very spiritual and prophetic people who many believe are actually connected to one of the lost tribe's of Israel which Ido believe by all facts shown.

Also got German in me on moms side and french and English.

Dad's side is mostly Greek as his Great grandpa came from Corinth Greece, he came to America at around 13 years old and came on ship to Ellis island New York. As Corinth where he came from is where Paul spoke to in the Bible to Corinthians.
Also dad's side lots of English came over on Mayflower famous ship to America and french that dates back to long ago with royalty of kings queens of the Frank's,. Found out also Charlemagne were related to all dad's side.and kings rulers and empresses who ruled after and before Constantine in Roman times, one was even a high military officer under Constantine. Along side Maximus famous movie with Russel Crowe was on Maximus.
Also dad's side Swiss, and German.
An example of one of the kings I'm related to is
Valentinious the first and all connected to him. Just for example.

I was shocked found all this info out because my uncle my dad's brother had went to to find out my grandma nagley and Grandpa nagley both passed away now, to find out my dad's full ancestry line. My uncle took months and hours printing up my dad's family line on his mom's side and his dad's uncle printed these books up put them together and their really got one I was going through it months back and researched all these names online and was so shocked to see I have royal blood that goes through ancient times at most important times in history,one of the kings who ruled in Rome had very strong Christian connections as I found out he was a major reason Christians flourished and Rome allowed Christianity from his believing in it and following it. And seeing Charlemagne in our ancestry book, connected in our line, supposedly Charlemagne in family bloodlines is common because back in day wasn't as many people as now but still so in awe and shocked to learn who I am and where my blood runs through. Not bragging on my ancestry I'm just humbled and it definitely makes one see themselves in a different light when think of our ancient ancestors who we truly are. Anyways that's me thank you for reading poet...
brandon nagley Mar 2017
Downtown on Mainstreet, a sarcinarious empty feel, Mr.
Jones, so cold, alone, once
Hadst a home, sold his
Life for a bottle, clear
Liquid his daily meal.

Nothing in his touch but biker
Bars, where women art strung
On pills, men nightly jailed,
Life plans for prison bars,
Knives for cuts, and dope
For cars; This side of the
Street was where the
Dealers art star's.

Mr jones once a high-degreed
College lad, moved out of his
Home, he became the unknown,
Dropped out of public vision,
Traded knowledge for rich
Men's wishes, worked in
High elite positions, a man
Of superstitions, once a time
His pockets rolled with
Hundreds and fifties,
Now his clothes smell
Of cheap wine, as his eyne taste
Of death; now a holes in-
Side of his chest.

Dreaming one day, on the side
Of the cement, a being of grace,
Not of human race; an angel of
God to Mr.Jones was sent.

"Mr. Jones", the Angel didst whisper, I came to let thee knowest, im thy guardian Mr; for God almighty hast sent me to thee, to show thee second chances do exist, and sir im not make believe, mine light is God's kiss.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
sarcinarious: having to carry a heavy load or burden.
Hadst: had.
Eyne: archaic for eyes.
Knowest: know.
Thy: your.
Hast: has.
Mine: archaic for my.
brandon nagley Feb 2017
Lonesomeness hits after the midnight hour; as the more
Lonesome it gets sitting still
As a flower, wanting mine
Petals to be felt.

Wanting mine spirit uplifted,
Aye, mine smile to return.

Still a boy I am inside this man,
A creature who hast seen
Prison cells, where devils
Cringe and yearn.

An afterhour bard,
With a cloudy wind
Creeping betwixt his
Window pane.

me synchoreíte,
The child inside me
Is peeking once

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
Word meanings:
Mine: means (my) in old archaic form.
Aye: yes.
Hast: has.
Bard: poet.
Betwixt: between.
me synchoreíte: greek dialect meaning ( excuse me) its pronounced like (may-seen-choreetay)
brandon nagley Feb 2017
Americana, fair Madonna, tell me what's become of you; star's so bright, your war's are polite, as your ripped flag's red, white, and blue. Oh bountiful cities, mountain-told villages; starlit pillages foreshadow your deathly paths. Some books hold secrets, while cake candles burn tricks to cigarettes of nuclear blasts! Afterthought you are oh country tis of thee; so blessed in your filth, your kilts are images of projected misery. Find an Alcove you castleview kings; your tongues will soon be silenced to the non-mindsense you care to bring! Resemble with eachother patriarchs of hatred; national to all stations, you are the one in control. Forget what mother told you? Did you already sell your soul? Instant inhumanness; gratitude for filthiness, they feel for girly magazines. Rescind your rhetoric you false entity of enemies kings. Perch behind the clouds where the guard's can't get you; where pharaoh's confront you, only God knows all time! Subjection to viewest bozos behind bar-reason rhymes. Where are you angel of light? I see your face; or have I taken your place?

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
©prison poetry
One of many poems written in my past during a year of prison time. Much time to write behind closed walls and old medieval bars.
I actually switched out the real word to bozos in one of the lines, lol I originally used a-holes but whole word I took it out because I dont like cussing but prison wasn't easy peazee ():
brandon nagley Feb 2017
O' mine matrinae dialette,
How sweet thou dost
Sleep, as thy dreams
Catch me by a net.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
Matrinae: pronounced (matra-nay)- a word I created meaning (a,woman who's little girl inside her still shows, especially in her pain- meant in a sweet way.
Dialette: word I created ( means faraway love) faraway as in distance.
Thou: means you.
Dost: is (do) .
Mine: my
brandon nagley Feb 2017
Are we doing time? Or is time doing us all equally; what a disgusting question to ask such an unpaid slave. Where snow falls tear dropped to all snaggled brains. Do-rag heavies, untamed, unashamed, levees to be breached; young one's to teach to not come where we are. Where the bird's meet the bars, where men and women leave in cars, as we shall not. Where emotions run dry, smoke runs high to clouds that don't stop. Share with another you selfish generation; you greedy of celebrations, you hold to God no feast. Six-six-six is your name, fires your game, as on your knees you worship the beast. Blizzard time sledded children's fun; is none to be found, just shackles around to frighten your inner cold. All stories here go untold; for you are apart of that story.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
©prison poetry/written in prison dec 6th,2013.
An old poem of many I wrote while being in crc prison near columbus ohio by pickaway ohio as stayed in crc prison where ariel castro the kidnapper stayed, the same man who kept the women chained up as slaves in his Cleveland ohio home for ten years as he kidnapped them being young girls sadly and escaped because one girl escaped downstairs and a black man saw her scream for help as he called the police saving the kidnapped women's life. Ariel castro died in a crc holding/protection cell 4 days after I got there as my cellmate saw his body being taken outta the hospital part in the prison early morn., as what the tv says he died in a cell, though we all suspected the guards (who laughed of his death,)who loved to beat people down in the yard and inside daily making blood pools,and pepper spray you and hurt innocent inmates (something news don't show reality,) actually killed mr castro. as I did a year for drug issues at time. And did time between crc and pickaway prison directly across the street which was eerie due to pickaway originally was a mental hospital/psych place in early nineteen hundreds where women alot were ***** by the workers and made to abort their children, then pickaway turned into a military training base then prison, as part of original prison was burnt in flames years back as old creepy buildings that were torched in a prison riot back in 80s early nineties forgot years, still set there as can see them. Though building I was in still looked felt and smelt old. I still felt the feeling the old psych patients were around, left lingering down the creepy corridors and halls. The souls their are unrested as can see the prison cemetery just up on a hill behind fence that kept us in like animals with a ****** in an undercover cop car going round and round to watch us like were cattle.
brandon nagley Jan 2017
Just an antediluvian,
Stuck between heaven and hell;
Waiting on mine saviors call,
To escape this carousel.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry.
antediluvian: belonging to a time before the great biblical flood.
brandon nagley Jan 2017
Takest me to the empyrean
Juncture; where none tears
Do ever fall, where human
Heart's never puncture.

Takest me to the railway,
Where men art free,

Takest me where eternal
Water's art sipped by
The daughter's of
Holy men.

Takest me to glory's
Roof, loves not aloof;
In the kingdom of

Takest me, O' takest
Me, where no-one
Screams, where
No blood is seen,
Where life's not

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
Word meanings:
Takest: take.
empyrean: relating to heaven.
Juncture:a place where things join.
Art: means (are) archaic word.
vunestasleek: (pronounced as "vunesta sleek" is a word I created ( means) enlightened by god through God's grace, and your surroundings.
Unfettered: not restrained, unrestrained.
Aloof:not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.
Faint: in other words dull.
brandon nagley Nov 2015

Miracle baby
Cometh from
The hand
Of paradise;


Miracle lady
Cometh from
The land
Of turquoise sea's;


Miracle queen
Sleepeth sweet


Miracle angel
I am thou;
Thou art me.


Miracle cherub
buss me in thy


Miracle lass
Forget thine
Past; now we're
In today.


Miracle gift,
Mine heart
Uplifts, when
Thou art near;


Miracle Jane,
In pleasure
Or pain; thy
King shalt be
right here.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Buss means to kiss someone or kiss if anyone wondered (:::
brandon nagley Nov 2015
When Satan cometh knocking
Hand him a cross;
He always run's away.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
King James bible ( James chapter 4 verses 7-8.. Flee from evil and it will flee from you... Mine poem's saying when Satan comes knocking into your life hand him a cross-meaning ask for Christ's help and turn to Christ. Then Satan will flee you as the only one he will flee is Christ because Satan knows who Christ is. The king! God's son,...
7Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.
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