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DG May 12
Nothing I have to be proud,
Sixteen candles, and one falls down
Sixteen dresses in that closet
I'm turning into one now.
Worn out,
Because I grew out,
I WILL shout
till I'm thrown
Aubrey May 2
once i was sixteen.
now i am seventeen.
i saw the word through a wild child's eyes.
not free.
but so carelessly free
i didn't care to be caught.
in those sixteen years
i learned that this world is a dangerous game.
no matter how you play.
let me live,
i would say
i played it dangerously safe.
i took risks.
many of them.
maybe too many.
but i made it so
everything in the end,
would be as it was
before the risk was took.
this was supposed to be a poem about being sixteen
but last year for me,
was all about risk taking.
how dangerously **** life really was.
and if you experienced it right.
you're most likely wondering what all these risks were.
what an innocent,
little sixteen year old girl
could be getting herself into at her age.
In the motley woodland
Little that'll understand.
In four months
Rye ripens.

From squealing jigsaw
Dust settles.
Four carnations
Nailed to the keel.

Sixteen degrees.
Africa is warmer.
Sixteen erasers.
Darker hair.

In a freshwater lake
Usual trout.
In the March of the bulldozer
April is heard.
mj Mar 19
i never thought i'd make it to sixteen
the age was always something i thought only movie characters and people around me would reach
i thought i'd be gone by then
i didn't think someone would be able to ask me
"how old are you?"
and i would say
"i'm sixteen"
"how old are you now?"
a relative or friend would ask
"i'm fift-"
then i would stop
"i'm actually sixteen."
i thought i would have been able to say it
i  couldn't imagine mumbling those words
i've outlived so many kids
kids who actually wanted to live
sometimes i wish i could trade places with them
a kid who wanted and deserves to live here
happy birthday to me
Loser Dec 2018
I wore my fathers shoes to a funeral today.

It took me sixteen years to get to a point where I could walk in them and truly say that they were a perfect fit.

It took me sixteen years to get to a point where I finally understood the senselessness  of death and the preciousness of life

It took me sixteen years to feel the gravity of death wrapping around my blissful yet ignorant heart, pulling me down to the knowledge of reality.

It took me sixteen years to not just know, but comprehend the fact that my time will pass me.

It took me sixteen years to learn all of these lessons, and now that I have I can start to live a life.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
A cold winter, I tell of
my true love, sweet and
so full life for we had youth on our side and didn't feel the cold back
I was almost mesmerised
by Helen, she was so petite
pretty but still had a shapely figure so very forward In her mannerisms
But so very nice with It she had very naughty but nice laugh, a wicked sense
of humour
Just being with her In winter she radiated a warmth that made even coldest of winter's warm but now I fear the coming winter
Even at the age of 62 and
with all her pains, she still
acted like a 16-year-old she
never ever seemed to get old I miss my pretty girl who warmed my winter days
Helen never did grow old she was always young at heart still at 62 she was like when she was sweet sixteen
julianna Nov 2018
Is 17 too soon?
I don’t think I’m ready
I look nothing like her
Or what I thought.
Age complex... I feel weird turning 17 in 2 months. I don’t feel like I’m ready for it even though nothing will really change.
alicia Sep 2018
i’m sixteen
i’m not ready for the world
i want to go back to seven
or maybe eleven
but i can’t
i have responsibilities
someone who i want to be able
to share my feelings with
i just can’t find the right words
nor would i say anything in the first place
that’s just sixteen
what will seventeen bring?
Madeline Thetard May 2018
The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

She was sitting in math class
wondering whether she would buy the burger
or the salad
with the three dollars in her pocket
She was doodling on
her math notebook
cartoon cats with flower wreaths

She was studious, never really liked math
had a tiny crush on the boy sitting next to her
and wondered if it would rain today

The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

Screams erupted in the hallway
Head slammed lockers
as faculty asked students to clean
their wounds
as teachers asked students to tell their spouses
everything they never got to say

Kids hid in cabinets and under desks
covered their faces with backpacks
maybe their binders were more bulletproof
than their skulls

The girl clutched the hand of the boy next to her
and wondered why she could only touch him
right before she was about to die

Neither one thought they’d be staring down
the scope of a gun
looking into a madman’s soul before
lunch period started

As all of the children who were killed on that day
rested in their graves
calculus homework and English assignments
still written as reminders on the palms of their hands
bruised by the locker they hit on their way down

Nations weeped and families sobbed
many thought that their deaths might
be the anthem of change

But all their deaths sparked were
prayers and condolences
an “I’m sorry” and a “That really *****”
as the next madman loaded up his gun
two sorry days later

Sixteen is too young to die

The girl had never driven car
Never knew what it was like to be held
Never knew what it was like to be kissed
Never knew what it was like to be to be told
the world was everything she made it to be

No, the world she lived in was the place
where her peers had to live in fear
not because they didn’t do their homework
but because students might die today

In her grave her mouth was a tight line
childish cheeks and acne-scarred skin
the youth was lost in her eyes because
she lived in a world where her classmates’ blood
was splattered on the school’s linoleum floors

And no one cared enough to do
anything about it
Something must be done.
Liz Carlson Apr 2018
I've exhausted "16".
So much has happened.
So much good, so much sorrow.
I've grown so much,
not in height,
but in strength and confidence.
Hopefully a bit wiser
and definitely more thankful.

Usually, I'm sad at this point,
but not this year.
I look back on this past year with a smile.
It was the best year yet,
so 17,
bring it on.
Sound of Music reference anyone? ;)
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