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Ma Cherie Dec 2016
If world's are ending,
and minds bending,
as darkness comes,
is slow descending,

Upon a people,
still contending,
as light is fading,
& fast ascending,

Doom is coming,
while some pretending,
all for naught,
and not impending,
hiding fear,
so not attending,

Wise spirits,
they are transcending,
stay quiet,
try not offending,
if you need,
will be defending,

A needing hand,
we will be lending,
a broken way,
we tried the mending,
a time for pause,
we stop the pending,
in bad choices,
time your spending,

In a world,
without the blending,
brace as troops,
no longer fending,
broken down,
no longer bending,
lies are told,
a message sending,

If EVERYTHING is really over,
when we kiss the final clover,
strike my flint,
out on the lonely cliff's of Dover
a wheated germ,
a very poison stover,
I hear that sound,
over and over,
a cracking a whip,
Australian drover,

If all the walls are crashing in,
if atmospheres are wearing thin,
if everyone is living "sin"
caught up in an endless spin,
a deep and dark recycle bin,

It's not a war,
that we can win,
take a blow,
to the chin,
tricking us,
a nasty jinn,
our bleeding skin,
so wear a grin,
a voodoo doll,
just stick a pin,
yang is lost,
without the yin,

If we cannot just begin,
If only we,
were all akin,

I'm gonna live the last long hour,
the last long minute & give it power,
I raise a hand & never cower,
shout it out from the tallest tower,
taste the sweet and then the sour,

The last fraction of a second,
like I always shoulda,
I don't wanna say I woulda, coulda,
do what you must,

If there are no more tomorrows,
live like there are none,
as no more days with to drown your sorrows,
or any time at all to borrow,

Just tamper sad & past regrets,
to clean from life the sins & sweat,
to swim inside the glistening wet,
live your life,
& do not forget,
to play your chip and place a bet,
if its as good as it can get,
release the need be free to let,
let it go and do not forget,

Live your life,
be ever present,
in the gift,
take a little global turn,
a conscious shift,
a way to learn,
no way to fix
a faulty rift,
winds of change,
are in the drift,
seeking hands,
in ashes sift,
justice served,
& coming swift,

Blink before it's all gone,
a moth to flame,
is truly drawn,
not naïve,
a baby faun,
darkness comes,
before the dawn,
angry angels,
showing brawn,
saving hearts,
we've laid & sawn,
down the beast,
a stupid pawn,
weary ones,
just can't go on,
religious way,
another con,

Live your life in here in the now,
love your life,
get it out some how,
then whipe away a sweaty brow,
& take again a blessed vow,
do it all,
what they allow,

So go,
go ahead,
and live your life,

Ode to Dillon vaulted ink
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I hit the pavement so hard
That even my bones bruised
And now I look like an abused victim
With patterns of black and blue
Slowly turning green and yellow within time
But little do you know
That when you gripped my body for the first time
You also threw me to the ground
And my hands couldn't find the pavement before my body did
So I was suspended in the air for a moment
Trying to remember what it was like standing
Before I fell for you
LiviKawa Sep 2014
My vision is cloudy
While my veins are filling with alcohol

My body becomes numb
With each cigarettes he hands me

My headaches grow louder and louder
From the memories of forever

You burned down my walls
I'll burn down your house

I ******* hate you
And I think you love it
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I'll be honest
I miss getting lost
In the grey storming sea
That made up your eyes
LiviKawa Aug 2014
It would've been perfect
If the clouds
Hadn't of kept hiding the moon

But then I look back
Your hands on my waist
Your lips on my neck
Your hips grinding into mine

There is nothing
I would've changed
About the clouds
Or the ever present moon
LiviKawa Jun 2014
I fell asleep fast
And began dreamin of you slowly
Remembering first your eyes
And then the touch of your fingers
Across my skin
Your words stared off muted
Only air and movements of your lips
They increasingly got louder though
A whisper at first
So soft and kind
But as they continued to grow
My heart began to race
And this morning I woke up
From the screaming that escaped your mouth
Causing my dream
My memory of you
Become a nightmare
Scaring me into sleepless nights
LiviKawa Oct 2014
If you think
I give a ****
Then you'll be
Sorely disappointed
When I come out
On top
And you're still
Gravelling on the ground
LiviKawa Aug 2014
I cannot think
Of words that can
Explain the look in your eyes
When you saw how wild
You were making me

It's was intense
And beautiful
And it made me remember
All the things that
Made me fall in love with you
Deleting later probs
LiviKawa Jul 2014
It was a clear shot to the chest
And I felt myself falling

Not in love with you
Not out

I felt myself falling
Into oblivion
LiviKawa Jun 2014
My poems don't whisper your name anymore
My stories don't bleed with the thought of you
For you are only a ghost holding
Miserably onto this pen
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