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Morgan Mercury Jun 2018
American dreamer.
Southern border divide,
holding me back.
A new hope,
I dream to seek.
An escape from the land I once knew,
A place that just isn't meant for me.

Strange views,
The mainland holds.
Keeping me from something new.
I promise I'm not here to take anything from you.
I understand laws.
I understand policies.
But I'll give you anything for a hand.

Strange views.
Your word doesn't match your action.
How terrible for my copper skin brothers and sisters.
Not a chance for them to live.
Not a change for them to believe in a new.
So take our land
and take our food.
Take our love
and our culture.
But leave us in cages left to rust.

Strange views
of babies in tears
and the smell of fear
coming from grieving mothers and fathers.
As their babies are now out of sight,
What a strange view to see.
Why does this seem so familiar to me?
There is nothing worse
Than hearing the faint sobs of an old man.
Who has lived his entire life,
Who knows so much pain,
so many places
so many people.
There is nothing worse
Than seeing the snot running
Down his face and him attempting to
Wipe it on his sweater
While telling his family
That he will soon be gone.

There is nothing worse than
Only being able to notice
a political downfall
Through the cries of an old man,
Announcing his banishment.
But there may be one thing,
It may be possible the cries of his children
And his wife
Are even louder and
Angrier than his.
It is possible the sadness
Spreads through veins quicker than
It is possible his blood is their blood
And now they will be millions of worlds

And it is definite that death is upon him,
That telephones do not exist anymore,
That a letter does nothing but **** a tree.  
That family is dead.
It is definite that he will not be able to survive in a place
Where gunshots sound the streets and there is no love.
No love at all.
Because with no love,
It is possible there is no life.

— The End —