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Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I accept
my mistakes
as in the past;
and in the present-moment
I strive to improve my self
so I don’t repeat these mistakes
in the future.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I never blame myself:
I accept
what has happened
in the past
as Destiny,
over which I have no control.
I focus
on improving my self
in the present-moment
to achieve
the wisdom and virtue
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When bitterness bites my heart
with anger, resentment, hurt
and a sense of unjust treatment,
what should I do?

Does it soothe my heart
to accept what has happened
as Destiny?

Does it soothe my heart
to strive to discover
what I can do
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness?
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is the challenge of living
to build a Kingdom of Heaven
here on Earth?
By striving to discover
in our current situation
opportunities for joy and happiness,
and striving to discover
opportunities to improve our current situation
to increase our joy and happiness?
Rose Diamond Jun 2019
i wonder sometimes,
if ill ever be okay,
if this felling of sadness
will ever go away

if my smile would be real
and the gleamer in my eyes will return
if ill ever love myself again

is it too bad to hope for things to get better,
because they say that before the light comes the dark
is it okay to cry a little forever
i wish i knew what has been planed.

so ill hope for the best,
try and keep my hopes high,
fake a smile every day
till it becomes real at last.
Mya May 2019
Like an unfinished puzzle
You will continue to find the missing pieces all over the place

And even if there is just one piece of the puzzle missing it may show up one day

Or you will have to go out and find it yourself
Yeah I just thought of this while doing a puzzle and listening to music.
julianna Feb 2019
Step 1:
What is step one?
I don’t want to be abandoned
I don’t want to put in the effort just to fail
I want to impress
I want to improve,
But there’s no step one without you.
I have no self-motivation.
Luna Casablanca Jan 2019
Will the avalanche occur on the Yukon
the day I choose to walk?
I’m here to forget my troubles,
not hear nature’s anger
Will a shark bite my leg off
the morning I surf the Pacific Coast
to regain my bliss?
I am not here to invade the shark’s
home, I am giving myself an athletic
How much more can I lose?
Have I worked hard enough?
I felt as if I should be nice,
but that was a fight,
and I was supposed to be
I don’t want my worst moment
to happen again.
I want to be a good woman
and a selfless friend.
I will keep myself calm,
keep my tongue still.
I will be polite if someone criticizes me or
insists I accept their help,
indeed they will.
They know I am different,
and strange.
We humans are a cluster of works in
not a group to be arranged.
I am here for the same reason,
they are no better no worst.
Changing to be improved
is a gift,
and very much so a curse,
I will change,
I’ll reimburse,
but never again,
will I be that
The future is in my hands,
not in my purse.
This is not worth a word in the dictionary
of words of curse,
I’d like to be better and humble,
no longer worse.
Dredd Jan 2019
it's hard
when you have all the tools and knowledge to improve your life but the only missing ingredients are motivation and consistency.

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