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rather than check
the forecast
for some reason
i think it enough
to merely
look to the sky
for a cursory
ten or so seconds
to observe the drifting
of weighty clouds
the overwhelming of
any strokes of blue
that might remain
being diminished
by the shifting greys
of approaching rain
before surmising
whether or not
a coat or umbrella
might be needed
at some point
in the coming hours
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
These hands were made for holding
Then came fear and taught me how to grasp

These lungs were made for holding
Then came anxiety and taught me how to gasp

This heart was made for holding
Then came love and taught me how to clasp
I was made wonderfully and beautifully
and now life teaches me to take hold
The sparkling river,
Nourished millions of lives, Now
striving for own life...
Here striving refers to struggling...

This poem is dedicated to current condition of rivers and water bodies because of pollutions and global warming...🌊
Carl D'Souza Feb 2021
When I fear
I accept the course of destiny
and this acceptance calms me down;
then I proactively prudently strive with optimism
to do whatever I can
to avoid the loss,
and this striving I enjoy.
Carl D'Souza Feb 2021
When I am unhappy
about some aspect of my life,
I still enjoy
the basic experience of being alive:
the stimulating
tactile sensations and
introspective ****** experiences;

I still enjoy
striving with optimism
to improve my situation
so I can be happier;

I still enjoy
being happy
about those aspects of my life
which I can feel happy about.
Erica Squire Sep 2020
The single word that defines me,
And it eats away at me,
Because that seven letter word is worse than sin,
From the perspective of the world.
Another seven letters that have been stated before,
Land of the free and the fight for freedom,
But what does that even mean anymore,
My life has never been more than a striving for perfection,
Chasing after something that can never be obtained,
My temptation, my tantalization,
The delightful piece of fruit that is out of reach for all but a few,
Says the words of a society where to be a success is to stand above the rest,
But how I covet the ability to taste the sweet juice of my victory,
But instead, everything has victory over me.
How can a concept defeat a person?
It acts like a virus,
Eating at my brain until it is mush,
Useless except in afflicting misery on my imagination.
Left trapped in my worst memories,
Reliving things that can never be changed.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I accept
the past has happened
and cannot be changed,
but the future
has not yet happened,
so I strive
in the present-moment
to achieve a better future.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
If I am rich,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness rich;
If I am poor,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness poor.
If I am popular,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness popular;
If I am outcast,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness outcast.
If  I am famous,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness famous;
If I am unknown,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness unknown.
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