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Scarlet McCall Jun 2017
An abstract of an academic paper written by a doctoral student: "In this semimanifesto, I approach how understandings of quantum physics and cyborgian bodies can (or always already do) ally with feminist anti-oppression practices long in use. The idea of the body (whether biological, social, or of work) is not stagnant, and new materialist feminisms help to recognize how multiple phenomena work together to behave in what can become legible at any given moment as a body. By utilizing the materiality of conceptions about connectivity often thought to be merely theoretical, by taking a critical look at the noncentralized and multiple movements of quantum physics, and by dehierarchizing the necessity of linear bodies through time, it becomes possible to reconfigure structures of value, longevity, and subjectivity in ways explicitly aligned with anti-oppression practices and identity politics. Combining intersectionality and quantum physics can provide for differing perspectives on organizing practices long used by marginalized people, for enabling apparatuses that allow for new possibilities of safer spaces, and for practices of accountability."--an abstract of a paper by doctoral student Whitney Stark

Atomic particles, how can it be so
that your purpose is not just to flow
in and out of existence, building reality--
the stars, cosmic gas and galaxies--
but to “ally” with groups of humans fighting “hierarchies”
and demanding “safe spaces”
(even though their entire race is
at the top of their planet’s food chain).

In this mysterious universe there is no safety,
accountability or identity,
only elements, and energy.
Brief combinations make life
legible for a nanosecond in cosmic time, and doomed to strife.
Biology does not know oppression,
only generation, reproduction,
until our growth chokes us and we fall
like so many of our ancestors, who lived and died
on this blue-green ball.
And one day the sun will explode and blow
even our atoms, which have endured (despite oppression),
and the particles will go far until maybe they sow
new life, in bodies unfamiliar, on planets unknown.
In fairness to Whitney Stark, right-wing groups mislabeled her paper as an attack on Isaac Newton. She was ridiculed as anti-science and a dogmatic feminist.  In fact Stark is referencing quantum physics, which may contradict Newtonian physics to some extent. I really wanted to read what she wrote as a playful attempt to draw a parallel between quantum physics and non-hierarchical organizing, but her jarring repetition of politically correct catchphrases and slogans shows this is only an attempt to submit to the current academic authoritarianism that has taken over women's studies and many other fields--perhaps even universities as a whole--so that professors merely recite a dogma of oppression rather than questioning and exploring.
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
My view just as yours, no better or worse
Everyone’s right in his eyes

Of nothing I’m sure except there is nothing sure
A contradiction in itself, certainty of complete uncertainty!

I do as I please, and despite what you say, I will not seize
Do my actions make you feel distraught? Change my ways, you cannot!

The earth goes around, some may say; and others the reverse
It’s neither here nor there; it’s all based on what you can bear!

Of all things I know I’m right, because I feel them in my heart
How dare you disbelieve me? My faith makes me care free!

Be released from your prison, release your mind and be set free!
There is nothing absolute in life, only what kills your internal strife

You cannot offend me, in my beliefs I am firm – they are shaped after me!
Like my god - I am a clone, he looks just like me!

I overlook my deity, by defining god I become He.
My god would do no other, I am right and he can do no wrong – did I stutter?

How do I know I’m not wrong? Because I am head strong
My defenses are fully placed, my time to doubt I will not waste

I am right in my own eyes; we tell ourselves all kinds of lies
In the end, this it changed: our life and after have been exchanged
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Scarlet McCall Jul 2016
[Police were called to a New Jersey school after a student accused another student of racism for calling brownies brownies. In defense of the police no one was arrested]

Brownies are sweet, tasty and brown,
but New Jersey’s schools hear this with a frown.
Color’s off color, don’t you know--
mention it, and the Thought Police
will have you in tow.

Blondies are sweet and a bit greasy--
a tasty snack, not a girl who’s easy.
But better call them cake, or you’ll be dissed
as someone who is completely ***-ist.

Anything you say can and will be held against you--
mot just by the cops, but by those you thought you knew.
It’s the days of Stalin, or “1984” from Orwell;
better watch what you say; they might be listening in the stairwell.

Once we all worshipped the First Amendment.
Now "politically correct" has gone beyond heavy-handed.
Use only approved phrases, or outcast will be your fate--
Political Correctness  destroyed a country once great.
jakwoby Mar 2015

Is it saying the wrong word?
Is it the tone of which you address someone?
How can we have courage in society if we can be oppressed by a mere mispronunciation?
Why does the way one introduces things affect the end result?
Who stands up for those who speak their mind?
Society preaches to stand up for what you believe while they tell you how to stand and present yourself in the process
Creativity is defeated
Uniformity of proper approaches destroys over achievers
Doing things different is thought of as wrong
If everyone is doing the same things to get to the same places
Imagine where one could end up by doing things differently
Open your mind
Try in everything you do, be good, be sincere
but never do things because how everyone else does it
or because its how its suppose to be done
Be real and yourself

— The End —