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  Sep 2023 Nienke
of all the things i regret,
You will never be one of them.
Nienke Sep 2023
you have to be tough
they said
you have to be strong
they said
we have grown cold
we have become stone
but forgotten
pushed into a hole
to feel - sanity
the destiny of humanity
Nienke Sep 2023
you can do it
ignite the rain
wash it all away
Nienke Apr 2023
i was so in love with you
everything i wanted to do
for a better us, a better you
but everything has turned blue

you always told me
'i don't want to grow up'
and this is true, it seems
you're still a child

hard to fix
i found out

a life without limits
a pocket without money
a lost and broken soul
afraid for mirrors

would you ever learn
from mistakes?
  Nov 2020 Nienke
Stevie Ray
One of the most beautifull words
and feelings that runs rampant
throughout my thoughts and work
has to be

to resist the state of something,
anything. To defy the odds
stacked against you.
A state of survival.
A fight of perseverence
A fight, where in it's essence
you refuse to compromise
a part of yourself.
Defiance is
build upon
a message of
the love you have for yourself.
Think about it.
Would you defy if you would not care?
Would you defy your anxiety, fears
and go through your struggles, if you do not care?
You defy the inner conflict
that you feel that stems forth
from your own hopelessness.

Defiance gives you strength
and perseverence.
Defiance does not bow
for it's loyalty towards you
is unshakable.

Defiance will break you
when you stray from your path.
Defiance will break everything
once you embrace the taste
of it's wrath.
Nienke Nov 2020
dead passion
unnecessary pain
but who
is the one to blame

so sensitive
it makes me sick
the non response
a skin so thick

what happens
on the other side of the wall?
or are you waiting
for me
for us
to fall
Nienke Jul 2020
cielo lleno de luces
una obra de arte
como tu
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