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Azrapse Jan 17
Time alone knows my pain
Time alone has seen all sides of me
Time alone has heard me cry in the middle of the night
Time alone has made me strong
Time alone is nothing
Time alone is all of creation
Time alone is energy
Time alone is dead
Time alone is perpetual reincarnation
Time alone is always time alone
Azrapse Jan 17
This world is my problem
Society is the issue
I used to confide the pain just to fit in
This preordained infrastructure
They say i'm just a grain of sand in the desert
But sand can't move on its own,
I shoot, ****, and destroy
Mentally scared
Emotionally barred out
I guess thats why im numb
It's like I ain't got a concious
**** every soul I see
You can call me grim the reaper
Azrapse Aug 2020
24 hours in a day
And you couldn’t toss
A couple minutes my way
I said I cut you off
But I stay connected
No chords on my phone
Always waiting
On some type of feedback
So I could relapse
And play the victim
Although I know your wicked ways
And these games you play
I still love you through the doubts
That i am not the only dog
You got on a leash.
Azrapse Aug 2020
Stressing on minor objects
that keep acting
like they’re the fuel
that will propel me forward,
I keep following rules,
trynna grind and get some dough but what the **** for?
I’m just a pawn in a game of chess, the one percent
Stay trying to act celestial, implementing shady laws
that make it harder
for my people to progress.
Azrapse Aug 2020
They say time heals all wounds
But it’s been ages
And my chest keeps pouring out
All these ****** feelings
self pity, fears,
and all the regrets
engraved like hieroglyphs
In the depths of my mental
Just one day in my mind would probably be fatal
Azrapse Jun 2020
Silent cries
never heard
Years go by
justice never served
Anger and rage spilling out
Flipping tables on reality
Call us beasts
For wanting to be free
Free to breathe
Because as of late
It’s been feeling kinda hard
Walking through broken glass
***** stares
like we the **** of the earth
Daily reality’s  brushed off
Cause they don’t affect you
Getting killed by people
That are supposed to protect you
Fear the government
Is what they want
But we are tired
Of your knee against our neck
We need to breath and scream
And make ourselves be heard
When our voices aren’t loud enough
Let us hit them where it hurts
Our money our pockets
We fund them
We pay for our own demise
So it’s ok to destroy what we create
To rebuild what’s out of date
Let’s be done being scared
And get prepared
Change only comes when we come together.
Azrapse Mar 2020
For a long time now
Life has been like a dream
I go day by day
On autopilot
My life is monochrome
I feel I am a burden
I try to be of use
How I am
How I act
If life’s a game
I’m not playing right
Am I not good enough
Why don’t my efforts pay off
Might I be vexed
Or am I an omen
My mind is often flooded
With thoughts like so
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