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  Feb 15 Azrapse
I've seen the universe through a telescope
all the vast, grasping so little purpose.
But next to you
watching the rise and fall of your chest
as you're sound asleep next to me
I felt the meaning of universe
trapped in the breathe of your lungs.
Azrapse Feb 15
I have nothing to put on the table
I know you don’t want a label
Should I keep paying you attention
While you stay feeding be this *******
I’m young and I’m clueless  
An old soul
A hopeless romantic
I admire your beauty
I **** for your attention
You twiddle me
Between your finger tips
Those long acrylic nails
I love when they gently scratch my skin
But I hate how I can never win
Do your thing
I’ll fall back to the shadows
I’m better in the dark
Azrapse Feb 15
Surroundings surreal
My chest feels tight
I find it hard to breathe
And I really want to scream
To let off some steam
But that’s weird right?
I should just bottle up this whatever
In the end you fall or keep climbing
My momma didn’t raise a quitter
Even though most of my decisions
always make me feel bitter
I don’t know how to act
I can’t even react
But my course is steady
I don’t fall off track
Play it off enough to seem normal
But I don’t even know who I am
I’m lost, I feel like an actor
Always trying to play my role
I shouldn’t even care.
Azrapse Feb 10
You went astray
Now im sitting ashing bowls in my ashtray
Wondering why the flying ****
I had to let you go away
I guess it was my Philophobia
Fear of love cause love is pain and not even a raging rain storm could wash away the hurt
My apologies if im being selfish
But **** your feeling this is all about me
Can't you see the hurt in my eyes as I listen to your lies and try to convince my self to believe
Always hoped for our happily ever after  
But now I just wish I could forget you a little bit faster
Azrapse Feb 10
Bubblegum sky’s
Orange and red
A black that consumes
Cool darkness when the moon is lit
Anywhere you go
It’s always watching down on us
Seeing everything we do
Slowly changing as we do
How I wonder
What it was like in its youth
Before all the cars and the fumes
It must have had some pretty neat colors
I wonder if it thinks we are pretty neat too
Or if it hates us
For slowly making it wither away
Its seen us since caves and fires
Now we have flashlights and mansions
Centuries at work
But who knows how longer it will hold
The omniscient sky’s
That we fill with fumes
We are digging the graves
Of generations to come
Azrapse Feb 3
What is love when you’re the only one who’s in it
Obsession seems a bit excessive
But I bathe in misfortune
Or so that’s how I perceive
All these unexpected situations
I get tangled up in life’s lessons
She’s a black widow
So she’ll probably bite my head off
I don’t even mind
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