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Whitavius May 23
Though I feel darkness does encroach
Much anxious anticipation looming
One idea can be held with certainty
As safe as possible in assuming ...

'Tis the sweat picture of you
My lovely little sprite
Kept within my heart
Both day and night

Which holsters my resolve
And inspires my soul
As each though of you
The corners of my mouth upward pull...

Such a deep connection
So easily made
Taking no time to form
In no extent shall fade
'Tis this feeling
Loves saving grace
Which comes to me in thoughts
Of your gorgeous smiling face!
Whitavius May 23
Back and forth, Side to Side
Round and round and round
As my pendulum swings, it tells me things
What was lost shall be found.

So tell me now, tell me true
What is what, and who is who
Yes or no, the answer to show
Where to go, and what to do....
Whitavius May 23
I love to flirt and dance with suicide
Counting death, as if I’ve already died
It’s a fantasy date with destiny
The thrill of that last and final ride….

I’ve gone over the edge… I think
Into a melancholy void I sink
Where flights of imagination take over
Memories and projections, with no apparent link …

Do I long for the end? Sure…
But allas, there is no cure …
Death being but a transitional doorway
Into another state, not necessarily pure…

I cannot shed this sadness
Nor it’s selfendulgent madness
Its all adding up to imbecility
And an attitude of crassness!

Ah! More time spent in morbid revery
Emotional Back-sliding and mental mortality
But never you mind!
The worst catalyst is any sympathy ….

— The End —