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Emotional Kaddu May 2018
Like the faded blues of a 50s movie
Everything becomes artistically bland when I see you going

I prefer thinking about you as the only colored
In the black and white reel of life

Soft, alluring, you urge me to follow
And I, how could I do that?

I have ulterior motives, you know
I cannot just follow

I dream of getting that color from you
A soft touch of those berry lips

Sensual, subtle, and tantalizing
Your hands, I dream to hold

Soft, calm, and whispering, your breath
I wish to make you lose

Luscious, brave, and fiery
I want to put some dreams in those eyes

Passionate, perceptive, and gentle
Your heart, I wish, could feel me

Hypnotic, nimble, and graceful
Could we dance, till morrow?

It was so hard, to keep the beast in me
And now, he has become a poet

Oh! He just wants that color
So, he can present what follows.
Robin Carretti May 2018
You are clawed at him like a

Red hot
Las Vegas Jack-***
"Persuasive Mentor"
Underlie Supervisor
Skin softer He's Mr.

He molded me
to build me
Not to love me
So planned to
Deceive me
Fish desires
Flirt their tails

Like the Greek word

"Synecdoche" we call

French hot bread
His mustache
Attache case

You're over his

"Now" face to face

Fly••• First- Love- Yourself

Why? W- wait like H 4 hell
Y- Yell!!

Who's going to tell

I was head clicked
Watered down
my shrimp

Enjoy your now
"Big Gulp'
Help wanted

He got me under

his skin
Pulp Fiction
The rain in Spain
in the lie diction

Wha?ever he got to me

So erotically smooth skin

The next of kin

Aromantic overly
Like the

It felt like
Marlon Brando

A= hot brandy with


Being upfront skin kissed

The espresso I got you intense
dark under the mood weather
Cold-Hot-Mood swings she got

what life can bring better
Menopause or Men on pause

Am I hooked?
Another eye
full look
The more
four more

I got to you I see
It comes in three's to
die for the need
I say more

That part of you
So smitten

The skin chilled fire fit

Moms scent and you felt her

touching you her mind
and yours

Cut out hearts
Red Riding hood
Grandmas out of bed
What was said
Tough skin what
big brown eyes
Looking mad
That's what U got blowing
in the wind
on her skin to begone
Girl is gone
One call Jailbird

Our eyes leave the world
blind but speak more words

you opened up the blinds

Hot desired I got you, babe,

How in a spiritual sense

Was this in your character

by the quintessence

Or always a coincidence

You were being raised

Why is life so much to crave

Like your the side order
and he she and fee fi fun

The main entrance
Starfish dish the
Goddess sun
The dinner mint
gave her refreshing

Fifty times being burned

Over just a bite on my neck

of French fries

Not so overly touched by your lies

But you do have amazing eyes

Traveling through a skin-tight

maze the light fixture retracing

How tough skinned you are

I got to give you some credit

This is not the website

How you read into me

Like "Reddit"
I got it

So many time you have

done it lies

I never planned to get

you under my skin
Who wants to die

*** rebound always

Those fifties those dames

hot club smoking and

But feeling the tightrope
Supernatural spooked

I don't see you smiling

I couldn't breathe I felt

like choking

The devil own scripture

Our eyes perceive as the spies of

Boom explosion the hunger gets

intense face to face

Like we are the
TV on a binge

You cannot tune us but the
hot flame

can never tame us

Embedded by what we see

And touch-Oh! Me
U-C who would want to
go through this
2 B Me
Waiting for something
Like the Freebird I am
the Robin

How the earth confines us

Who is the one who

got something on us

Somes deep feelings

The Cole Porter

I got you under my skin

Someone on the pull

But he knows your
pleasure but where is the
On the premises
He stacked her roses

One smell he got
The words spelled on U

He said with an

" My Rose"
  My skin
  Smells brilliantly
  Like the eye of an
  Apple pie
I got someone maybe not U. That underlies big piece of the pie tough skin regardless if its a little lie
Sharon Talbot Sep 2017
Airplanes on a Still Day

(Two in One Hour)

The sound softens
Something inside my brain—
Tangible, hypnotic,
Remote and forgiving,
Like a little Buddha within,
Or flying this sound trail
Through the draftless heavens.

The tiny drone
Rids the world of
Human clatter and its rush.

As a child, I savored it inside,
A sliding down the spine
And into the heart and through me;
A reverse of the rush of wine.

Back then, it was unquestioned, enjoyed.
But fifty or more years later, I asked why.
Time moved by and left no answer.
Nothing but a spring-like stillness aloft,
Unbound by seasons below.

But as I relished that sound this afternoon,
I felt the sense of spring again
In that aimless hum.
And knew at last why pilots sailed
In any weather, in crystalline air.

Up there, it was always spring,
Always sweet and calm
With promise;
A miracle that they ever descend!

If silence had a sound
Or utter calm
Were an elixir,
This would be its form.
Cné Nov 2016
i like to dance
with the devil
burning eyes upon me
in hypnotic dazzle
my toes easily
sweep away inhibitions
quieting my angelic
voice's suspicions
as whispered words
brush thine ear
my entranced ego
has no fear
as it may be
our bodies entanglement
appears free
with soaring thoughts
of ecstasy
we ebb and flow
in ****** mystery
seduced in music
playing rhythmically
i dance willingly
Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
Your smile, it sets
Sunflowers ablaze
Making me forget
About every difficult phase

Reflecting back my image
As I stare in a daze,
They lock me in a cage
The jailer, your face.

Cannot move and
Cannot see
Don't understand,
If we're meant to be

No flaw in your appearance,
No defect in your talk
Your words give me an abundance
Of clarity and of thought.

My memory never stops raving
About the wonderful sight I saw,
When all i did was to bring
It back after capturing you in awe

No story is enough
To enchant me more
Than thinking about your laugh
And what else we have in store.

But I cant tell,
I don't want you to believe
That I'm your living hell,
Who is here to deceive.
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Seán Mac Falls Jul 2016
Strange spells she's casting
Enchantress offers her hand
Waving like a wand
SassyJ Apr 2016
Under the bridge, a once again
Tranced by the rhythm of a river
Chaos culminated to calm strains
Crucified and paraded in clarity

A push and I pushed deeper to sink
Your eyes lighted with a remedy
A redemption of persisting ache
A depth tucked and hidden in a mast

Unclaimed and reared, purely untainted
An essence delivered by a spirited past
Cocoon to a parameter of perception
A scent delicately brewed in aged truce

Under a bridge in a moment called now
Blocks scented with nitrogen spurred *****
A depart from the swan hypnotic dreams
A renegade of mottos, hollows of morrows
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SassyJ Feb 2016
Hypotonic collusions
Rising in osmotic lesions
An eruptive soul reversion

Emissions of embered logs
Each lightening with a glow
A youthful straw of clemency

Pollinated sandals, handled
Gripping the flesh in vessels
Houses of lost and unreal dreams

Vicarage gardens of suppression
Masticated in delegated abstractions
A surmise of death and redistributions

Each a beat rise, slide on frosty ice
Un-enveloped in seasons of erosion
Delusional commotions sprawled

In the dance of the ecstatic programming
The body waved and led in hypnosis
******* with the intangible essence

To make sense a revised tense,I fence
Straying in lenient lunacy to fields afar
A merry to ferry the phoenix dance

Rattles shaking in transit translations
Drums pause settling in finesse pond
A coitus of dimensional valour and vice
TD Aug 2015
Inviting greens
their petioles
as hands opened to
the curious stranger.

Adventurous spirits
gasp, they thrill
at the beamish decadence,
the overwhelming verdure.

The worn paths,
civilization's abrasive affects
sharply harsh against new growth.
Go deeper in, deeper calm.

Into the bed of solace,
we fall spell-bound
to its whispering promises.
Cajoling our senses
the mysterious allure
methodically breathing.
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