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seraph Sep 2019
You hang around my head like a heavy crown.
You bring me down.
Many hands make quick work,
Too many hands will undo it equally fast.
Oh, how I still crave your hands.
Gentle hands work soft on tender flesh.
I would still let you touch me, after all this.
You illuminate my head like a halo.
I glow when I'm with you.
My hands work alone to undo what has been done.
seraph Sep 2019
You kissed me in my dream last night.
It was wet and fresh, refreshing and right.
You were by my side and leaned into me,
******* fingers, bumping teeth.
I was soothed in a way I never feel when I'm awake.
seraph Sep 2019
I would ******* if you asked me,
**** the marrow from your bones,
I would, only if you asked me,
Bare my chest, shred your neck
Made it last if you asked me,
Take your heart from your chest
And put it back if you asked,
Bruised you blue, made you new,
I would love you if you asked me;

Only if you asked me.
seraph Sep 2019
i am prismic and entrancing, refracting - always reflecting my insides outwards. you will know how i feel if i want you to know so, i will tell you how to feel and by my will you will do so, i am hypnotic and sympathetic. i am blinding and righteous.
seraph Sep 2019
Emotional sediment settles in my pelvic bone,
I commence the process of petrifying.
Set down to rest in a small pebbled bed,
I am heavy and weighted and mineralizing.
seraph Sep 2019
hold me. i demand it. tenderly.
splay your fingers the long of my spine atop my shirt,
press your chest to mine and caress caress caress me.
clutch at my hips and let your fingertips
leave bruises to prove you were there.
nip at my lips, my cheeks and *******.
lap hungrily, dig your tongue into tender flesh.
drag your mouth over mine,
over and over and over and over.
i want to taste myself more than anything.
seraph Sep 2019
Do you think of me as oft as I, you?
You make me so blue, so blue, so blue.

Fresh sheets out the wash, and a pillow sham or two:
My bed wrapped in a soft blue, a soft-soft blue-blue.

I wait on my porch in a dress so brand new.
I match the sky, we are bathing in blue.

Tears on my dress, on my sheets, on your knees,
You wrap me and dip me in blue, blue, blue, blue.
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