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Jeremy Betts Jan 26
Everything I can't show is what's going to put me right back in the hospital
This blatant cycle of denial is far beyond getting out of control
The pileup looks physically and mentally insurmountable
How can one person run into so much trouble?
It's unmeasurable
Eyes forced shut, but it's not always safer in there, alone and vulnerable
Behind a pane of pain, only view is through this soulless porthole window
Find it hard to dream when life itself seems just about impossible
I've lost control of this roadside attraction freak show carnival
It's too much to juggle,
And that's why I struggle

iamtheavatar Mar 2017
Like ocean, where ships set sail.
Prodigal and free.

**iamthe_avatar ©2017
A poem for love.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
The tallest mountain
Once lay dormant
Confined between
Tectonic plates
Tremors and upheavals
Jolted it from slumber
Broke away from the shackles
Of solitary confinement
And oppression
Grazed and razed with every move
Now reaches the summit
To kiss the soft clouds
In silent meditation for ages
Mighty and tall, towers above all
Revered by many
Revenant Jul 2014
It feels like New Years all over again out here, but my feet don't hurt,
and I'm not chilled to the bone.
There's always been that insurmountable amount of space
b   e   t   w   e   e   n
my body and yours,
and I still want to kiss you ever so badly.
It's misting now, and it's kin to the haze in my head.
I miss you

— The End —