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Jeremy Betts Jan 26
Everything I can't show is what's going to put me right back in the hospital
This blatant cycle of denial is far beyond getting out of control
The pileup looks physically and mentally insurmountable
How can one person run into so much trouble?
It's unmeasurable
Eyes forced shut, but it's not always safer in there, alone and vulnerable
Behind a pane of pain, only view is through this soulless porthole window
Find it hard to dream when life itself seems just about impossible
I've lost control of this roadside attraction freak show carnival
It's too much to juggle,
And that's why I struggle

Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2021
If saying you love me
Must say I love you too
Then I will have set words free
Have never rang more true
Sakshi Babar Jun 2016
The answer is -

The universe,
Its origins unknown, and so the end
In its ever expanding conscious
With all its suns, and seas, and sand,
More than that.

My fear,
Dark and deep, unending abyss
Layers upon layers of broken trusts
Loves gone amiss,
More than that.

Your anger,
Red, then scarlet, then crimson
Blood pooling around my open wound
A battle against fission,
More than that.

Apparently not enough.
Explanation: He once asked me "How much do you love me?".

— The End —