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Matia James Jun 2018
I’m that chick from the block. Had to do a lot to keep my **** on lock. I keep it 100. I kept it 100. But you, you a *****. You couldn’t keep it a buck with me. I thought you were something I could mess with for a bit. Here I am waiting for a reply and then wet emojis hit. You’re reading messages and leaving me on seen. Bruhh, we’re not teens anymore we’re grown so wassup? Let me know when you ready to ****.
I’m that chick from the block that has no shame in her game. I’ll **** a ***** then leave as soon as I made him came. I ain’t gonna lie on my ***** or tell you to lie on your ****. I keep it 100 and will always admit to the **** I did. If it’s wack I’m gonna say that and if it’s A1 then I might come back around. So wassup *****? You still playing these games? Wanna keep it on the low and let nobody know? That’s cool with me. Just trying to see what that mouth do and if that **** will make a ***** scream.
We can link up late night on some TLC creep ****. Seen me pictures of that **** so I know what I’m up against. You finally starting to reply because I said we can keep it on the low but it’s cool because everyone is ******* you like you some ***. That’s why I slid in the DM. I had to see what the fuss was about. Especially once I heard you love to eat ***** with ice in your mouth. Bruhh stop playing and meet at the spot. I’m already here waiting to get all sweaty and hot.
Come into my room. Lock the door behind you. I’m already undressed waiting for you. I don’t like to beat around the bush or waste valuable time. Just drop your boxers and **** me like you’re all mine. You begin your tricks and I start to moan but when I got on top you begin to explode. I looked down and made a face before I smiled. You was like “**** I ain’t know that’s how you get down”. Boy I told you I’m grown and wanted to **** on some creep ****.
I’m that chick from the block. The one you can take home to meet your moms but I rather just be on some freak ****. Don’t want a relationship just want you to be 100 with me and **** me when I *******. We grown so ain’t nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. It’s just me and you in this room so bring that *** here.
This is for women who have no shame in telling a man what she wants. It doesn't mean she's a *** it just means she's not looking for something serious and wants to enjoy life just as men do.
Whether virtual or actual paths cross,
     aye great thee ahoy
no fear Mademoiselle or Monsieur,
     thy harried style haint cloy

rather, when embarking
     on introductory acquaintance
     ship, aye employ
swiftly tailored indistinguishable,
     asper this wordsmith mebbe goy

or Jew, yet genealogically
     thine Semitic lineage,
     unknown descendants begat,
one generation after
     stitched another thread,
     whence warp and woof, sans dat

     (moth eaten tattered wool worth
     coat of arms), twas slim and/or fat
chance biologic dice throw
     adumbrated me Matt,
a skinny, quirky,
     and nerdy kid, who sat

alone during lunchtime
     at school pained, plagued,
     and pronounced with extreme,
     where introversion didst agitate
chronic state of misery being alive
     immobilized, hogtied, and forfeited

     natural predilection
     to discover and create
heterosexual relationships,
     viz interpersonal experiences
     re: raison to date
initial intimate rapport

     (anxiety fraught) fate
full situation with a gal
    giving her good grief great
(yes, twas Maryann Sage),
     who understandably became irate
predicated on lack

     of mine demonstrative affection
     quickly becoming an unsuitable mate
though now in retrospect
     (hindsight always 20/20)
     a sudden resurgent spate

finds remembrance of things passed
     (with her) engendering
     cerebral tete a tete
rankling memories,
     hence for death aye cannot wait!
kevin anderton Jan 2018
a blend of orange and yellow lights
smell from markers
sound echoes from the cube room
chairs are arranged
light traced the room from the window pane
swiftly, pen and paper work
noise and undescribed joke,
like here and go

money get in my mind
career path has choosen
now i'm sitting on office bench
talk about you and us
Peter B Jan 2018
They were smoking it on the bus,
and I'm not talking about e-cigarettes,
I'm talking about something else.
Hoodie mandems, grimey youngsters
or whatever you want to call them,
they smoked the **** on the bus, man!
In front of the people! - who didn't care.
Oculi Nov 2017
It's the return of the gangsta, thanks ta
Them bustas that thinkin' they real trouble
Them ******* that tellin' me I'm but a bubble
I'm the real **** ******* don't point at me
I'm everything you and your buddies wanted to be
It's the return of the real G, ***** *****
I could straight up ****** you without the beat
I'm nothing like any of you think, I'm the danger
All you be seeing in my is just some ******* stranger
Lemme acquaint you with the las thing you'll see before you fall
******* thinking they're cool

They be thinking I'm a ******* busta
All they be seeing is I ain't a hustla
I ain't nothing but doom to you, lil *****
I ain't the one who be seeing the dirt in the ditch

I ain't Brown or André, I ain't no name in this *****
But it's still the return of the gangsta
Out here to kick yo *** back to when you had a masta'

It ain't happenin' again, ain't nothan'
No bebop ****, no big hood thangs
Just realize you outta line
Cause you ain't got a ******' dime
Bite my dolla', *****
A spiritual successor to two songs:
Outkast - The Return of the "G"
Danny Brown ft. Freddie Gibbs - The Return of Danny Brown
So yeah, it's pretty much rap.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Not thoughtless
   enough to  ****  all day long
Not thoughtful
   enough to  escape the hood
Not petty
   enough to  market my  ancient little lies
Not honest
   enough with my  self  to
   out  grow  these twisted  vines

   All along, I've been
friends, only with the pen
   The pen is kind to me
when  I've  blown  my
chances, myself
   Slice  a  Y  you'll find
   The  heart  is  pa - per
   The  blood  has taken ink

   All along, I've been
friends, only with the pen
   All along, I've not been my own  by
extension, not myself
   No way I ever was
   If you could only see me now  my
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