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Bryan Britt Jun 26
Titans at the sea
you never see them anymore
they were used in war
the last was war
they were mighty
now the titans are gone
Bryan Britt Feb 12
known to be one of the top navy's in the world,
her majesty's navy ranks supreme,
one ship in WWII, the pride of the nation, the hood was sunk
The hood was sunk by the kriegsmarine's own, the Bismarck
the kriegsmarine was the Germans navy
So many people have served in the royal navy,
Before the United States became its own country, it was number one,
But all can change, in a matter of seconds,
And it did.
Bryan Britt Feb 12
Oh what a wonderful ship it was, so many people fought in this beast,
Only to be ended, people loved this battleship, it was the pride of the country
Destroyed, by the kriegsmarine
Bryan Britt Feb 12
Battles never end well for one side,
In the Begging, it was the British who took the fall, one of his might
Ship sunk do to the Kriegsmarine,
Many people died in this battle, many families torn
Apart do to the war, many people served there country with honor, others not,
Revered as the most powerful ship at the time, the people
Clinging for there country on these Battleships, the
Kriegsmarine was now defeated
Bryan Britt Feb 12
The ocean,
Titans of the sea,
Enemy fleets, like nothing is in
Help other ships
In battle,
Playing the enemy, like nothing to

— The End —