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chelle Aug 2020
I understand the whispers
Brought with a heart afar
Carried many miles
Under many stars.

Hearts ears listen closely
Then... there they are
The words u cannot utter
Brought by a heart afar.
chelle Aug 2020
The only one that knows...
Won't say a freaking word
I know this for a fact
Because it's me for sure

The best kind of secret
Is the one that is never told
The way to keep a secret
Is to never tell

Only me myself and I
Are holding this one tight
At the risk of feeling sadness
A fight im forever fighting
chelle Aug 2020
The wind begins
The temperature drops
Brace yourself
Go get the mops

Rain is almost here
I hear it coming close
Tape the window Barr the door
Turn off all electric

Normal.... rain is good
But when ur in a camper
Rain is the nemesis that never dies.
Leaky roof on my camper :/
chelle Aug 2020
They've slowly bitten into each and every strand of my being. They've eaten for years.
Stealing my tears. They grow.
Taking time, pleasuring moments..
Tumors they are. Demons.
They attach at birth, and they grow.
They feed, only a vampire street.
Then comes... the empty.. the forgotten.
Make no mistake they **** at will. And everyone knows somewhere inside
They will eat the next generation too.
We must be brave and remove the eye
In order to save the soul.
  Aug 2020 chelle
Courtney O
It didn't work out well
Don't torture yourself, girl
you say

Those kisses that had nothing inside
we were trying hard to be what we were not
those nights that attempted to be beautiful
at the park
your car redeemed us from that fall
but it didn't take long till reality spoke

that separation - all the things I could not tell you
all the poems you did not feel,
your gentleman words hide emptiness sheer
all the things I couldn't understand
that hopelessness I felt
everynight we met
You were also trying
I was trying to forget

So I'm forgiven, and I'm forgotten
and that's the best thing that could have happened
chelle Jun 2020
Sometimes home has no walls
Our beams of wood or stone
Sometimes home is only a heart
That only you have known
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