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To my now empty house
where once was filled with laughter now only silence echoes through the walls were once they heard Helen's
now a cold and lonely place empty chair where Helen once sat now to where our kitten plays empty rooms within my empty
once was filled so much love but photographs and memories of love once so true, my God I miss her
empty rooms within empty house left with just your memories now a one time love never to be
Empty rooms within my empty house that once felt so much love only silence echo's around
your photo's on my walls
There's never been a day that I don't think you, my love, for me that's what's true love Is all
And although you're no here my love the love I have for you so strong an undying love for
There has never been a minute of any day my
love that I don't think of
you and to all, we used to
And this world Is a lesser place so and cold lonely  without you In It my
True joy that you bought all your loved ones who are left to face this life without you my
And so sadly missed by all my love but you have left to us such wonderful cherished lasting beautiful memories my
Forever In our hearts, you'll be my love, such love, you had for all no matter whoever they were my
A true love Helen gave to all who knew her and even those she didn't know she had time for everyone no matter who they were
Johnny walker Mar 11
Sometimes at night when
I can't sleep and I'm just laid staring at four walls with nothing to do my mind goes wondering to thinking of
But even thoughts of you still comfort to me just as If you're still here with me It with those thoughts of you eventually I fall to sleep to my dreams of
Nobody knows that you visit me whilst I'm fast asleep you're here with
me the little secret that I only know for I can never let you go
So sometimes when I can't sleep I think of you darling
and then soon fall to
sleep that's when I know you'll visit my dream and for the brief time I'm asleep Helen my darling you're back with
but no one hears your voice only me when I'm a laid asleep In my dreams of you and no one see you like I see you when come to my dreams to sleep again by my
Imaginary thoughts of Helen whilst I'm awake and can't sleep my mind goes a wondering till I fall asleep
Johnny walker Mar 11
I dreamed a dream last night I awoke to find my sweetheart sat on my bed watching
I'd been awoken by the beautiful scent of her perfume that how I knew she was
The unmistakable smell
of her Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume Helen would
Dreamt of Helen because I still spray my pillows at night with her beautiful
That of Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume that Helen ever chose to
A spay on my pillows before going to sleep and It feels as If Helen still here beside  
The only perfume Helen would ever wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew and a beautiful perfume It Is
Oh how Helen gave me
life when I thought my
days were over she came to the rescue just In the nick of
Although she never knew this, Helen saved my life she came just like an Angel she flew In on my prayers
Into my
An Angel that became my wife for without my Angel wouldn't have made It thus far probably
would have died on the streets and although now gone when the time Is right
she'll come back for
me and when she does she'll find me here
Helen coming back for me when my time comes and
when she does she'll find me
here waiting
I've retreated Into fantasy
hiding In all those things kept secret stored away In my mind It's
the little world now no one from the outside can touch or see In my own escape from reality I no longer want to be a part
Fantasies of Helen It to where we can live our life again do some of the things because of ill health we couldn't do, she was Incredibly **** lady "wow
did she know how
tease sometime she would place her hands under bare ******* lift them whilst pushing them
With this come to bed look In eyes a voice such a wicked laugh just couldn't
help but be overwhelmed
and consumed Into her Incredible passion the smell of her perfume on her *****
I would caress all her body press my face Into her lovely scented ******* tease her ******* with my tongue till they become stiff with excitement nibble gently her ear
Helen would react to this wildly that's when you felt her true passion oh the sensation on entering her body
to feel her back arch
and feel her nails raking my back the hotness of
her breath the ecstasy than to collapse In true pleasure of
releasing tension our bodies slowly relaxing to fall to sleep
Memories of making love to Helen even through memory I still feel her so
Johnny walker Feb 28
I thought I had It made
my friend, when I first
met Helen on that day thought those days to never end
All now seems such a
a long time ago when we first held hands, of to the park we did
To where we sat a while had our very first kiss so much of this I truly miss
her more than words can ever
My friend all now seems a long time ago but all my memories and dreams I still have my
I thought I had made my friend all now seems a long time ago since she left this life for good but I have all my memories
Helen, memories will never die In my heart she always be my friend for my poem of her I'll always write that I promised my self to her I'd
Promises I made to my self In life poems for my wife to write them and make known to many people In the world as
I can
Johnny walker Feb 25
Every where I still see her just as If she Is still with me so I always find a quite corner
When I go someone to eat so nobody knows she's with me Its Helen and I
our secret thats only known to us
for If anyone was to hear
me talking
They'd probably think me crazy but I'll. keep our little secret that Helen's still with me
But will always find a quite  corner whenever I go out so  I can talk to her for I never got over my
Helen still with me when ever I go out always find a quite corner
I know that she still with me
Johnny walker Feb 24
There are two rings on
my finger where once
there was only one for I wear my sweetheart ring
and I ware It with
my own
It's never taken off It will be on my finger until the day I die
There are two rings on
my finger where once there was only one, to
show the world I
love her and even though  she gone my love for her just as strong as It was when first laid eyes on
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one, for the appreciation of love
she gave to me and for the twenty years we spent as man and wife and our beautiful son she gifted
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one and that's where they shall remain for there will
be another Helen for she was truly special Irreplaceable one of a kind who never will be
Two rings on my finger Helen's and mine for there will never be another she was truly one of a kind
Johnny walker Feb 23
Helen has never been as far away from home as she Is now, never been as far away from me and my loving arms
as she Is
And I've never been as far away from Helen never been as far away as I am now never been as far away from
her loving
Never been as far away from
each other as we are now never been as far away from each other's loving
We've never been as far away from each other as we are now and Helen as never been as far away from her home as she Is now
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