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Neuvalence Oct 2018
I sank to the ground and all came to halt
Birds flocked east before all shook in vigour
Windows shattered under the weights of roofs
Stone homes toppled before acknowledgement
Clouds of dust rained jagged stones upon us
The turbulent waters foreshadowed more
For waves of sharp heights dominated us
They carried us, and whirled us intensely
Earsplitting cries now silenced by water
And when all had come to a halt once more
The bodies succumbed to the ocean's pull
I was supposed to die, but I hadn't.
FLVCTVS ( pronounced 'fluctus') is Latin for "wave".
Oskar Erikson Mar 2017
chapped lips in the underground.
cream skin with Blue eyes
held red bars closer than me.
This is erratic.
Listening to screeching underfoot
To drown out
blonde wild winds
a cyclone
to taste the sky.
It was far too brief.
come back.
Raghu Menon Sep 2016
The tree
tall and wide
with thick canopies
with so much of life and music

The tree
with thick branches
with thick green leaves ..
with nests and birds of various flocks
with so much life and music

The tree
with thick shadows
with cool underneath
with the travellors and children
playing and resting underneath
with so much life and music

The tree
swaying and singing
safe haven for little birds and insects
a whole eco system of innumerable species
with so much life and music.

The cyclone
with brutal force and might
destroying everything in their sight
devastating homes and trees and transformers

The tree
with its limbs/branches broken off
the cracking of branches and
with nests flown away and birds as refugees
the life and music transforming to an eerie silence.

Months pass by
Small shoots from the half broken branches
Rising and twisting up..
with the birds once again flocking to the tree
with life and music again..
The Thane cyclone in South India was a major destroyer of age old trees. But month later most of the trees had a rebirth bringing back the life and music which once surrounded them.
Sheik Hazi Apr 2016
My life is like a cyclone, ‎
But I never feared and felt alone.
I know her arms will save me,
‎I know her eyes will follow me,‎
Wherever I go, she is with me,
‎I know Guardian Angel is with me,‎
She is my Honey, always beside me.‎

She is caring my heart,
She is protecting my soul,
She is watching over me,
Healing my wounds, guiding me,
Showing mercy and grace on me,
Showering love and blessings on me,
‎‎She is keeping me alive,
Always showing me a way to live,
I know Guardian Angel is with me,
She is my Honey, always residing in me.

— The End —