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Like a harbour docked with ships ,
That Leave and arrive in the guidance of a light house, is my heart.
A shelter to the arriving and departing love.
Yes, but...non-guided.
Wrecked,Wretched and awful.
That once rented a gruesome space
to a soujourner.
A tenent unknown and untrustworthy.
There is a little Monster that lives
somewhere inside my heart.
It dies when the heart does forgive,
but my rage is my art.

So It thrives, Greedy and Gluttonous.

Unchecked, It grows both day and night
off my wrath, my venom.
Like the apple, It grew large with spite,
and became my Kingdom.

The Parasite, my heart It's sustenance.

I hide It from the light, my Secret,
from those who may despise.
They shan't be able to take It,
It warms my soul with lies.

It's music, divine in Its dissonance.

When the Monster sees my love,
It withers like a Shade.
But my wrath I hold above,
To lose It, I am afraid.

Omnipotent in Its belligerence.

When the Monster sees my enemy,
It gives me my purpose.
It snuffs out my shriveled empathy,
and my hatred acts wordless.

I tear out my heart, and **** with indifference.
Empire 1d
My mind is ill
But my heart is good
Problem is
I never know which
Is in control
Or which I want in control...
tavo tirštas vynas
tekantis pro venas;
sodri raudona.
skuba į širdį
vos plakančią.
bet nesustos plakus.
kol aš čia.
the other day i think i broke someone's heart
kissed another outside in the rain
holding hands in the back of the car
dancing my cares away at the party
while he watched me spiral into someone's arms
wrapped tightly
i invested everything into myself
i invested everything into someone else
should have listened when he said he loved me
should have listened when they said he was lying
broke all my feelings
he loves like he doesn't care about tomorrow
he looks at me like im the only girl in the room
and i can't get myself out of this problem now
overthinking about why i did what i did
him wrapping his fingers over mine
my arms around another's waist
a drunk kiss i can't quite piece together
whatever happened i know it was a moment in time
a moment shared by another moment of too much tequila
the other day i think i broke my own heart
kissed someone out in the rain
holding another's hands in the back of a car
dancing till i felt nothing but the air around me
not realizing he was watching me spiral into someone's arms
wrapped tightly
i hope you read this and know i still care about you
i hope you don't read this and know what i did was just a moment

The fire is burning within me
Unable to drawn out
Unable to elude.
It’s getting evil
With all your annoyance.
And I’m crying out loud
Seeking for your presence,
Part of me wants to destroy you
And a part of me wants you back.
I’m lost in the path of love,
And no more halcyon.
I’m screaming out your name thunderously
In the desire of your presence.
Retrieving all our boneheaded conversations
Thinking what kind of squander I was doing.
I’m preoccupied by telling myself
Not to give you an opportunity
To break my heart again.
As I’m taken away from all your botheration  towards me.
Well ,There’s so much of me inside
Which you left undiscovered.
Perhaps you were never curious for me.
And I was being the one running after you constantly.
And keeping you firm with me.  
But now.
I’m dying
I’m hurt.
You’re diligent in watering
Someone else’s flower.
The fire is burning within me!
alonia 2d
It's 10 P.M.
While my earphones are stuck in my ears for 3 hours,
I waited to hear your name clash between the lyrics of the song I am listening to
As the singer tune his mood out of every metaphor he says,
You are all I see, all I hear, and all I care
I thought of the Pacific Ocean and the moon
How both beautiful beings had never collided and I thought of us
I thought of how I always wanted to intertwine your big tanned hands to mine
But then I also realized that it was just friendly messages you give me and that you thought of intertwining your hands with someone, but not me.
I wept;
your name echoed along the rivers of my tears and it felt absolutely painful
I imagined your crooked smile,
how it shines while it looked at me when you haven't had a clue about what I felt.
And then suddenly you knew,
and it was painful again
and I was crying again
and my heart still echoed for your touch, I don't know why
The singer says I should hold on,
never should I stop believing that I could be yours, and that we could be together
But then the teacup of my feelings broke when the earthquake of your response punched through my heart and wobbled my hands until I can no longer hold the teacup.
My hearts aches again.
I remember your sweet scent,
and when you call me and I glance at you, I see bubbles and sparkles
And maybe everything nice, including you.
But I'm sad, because anxiety took over me and you couldn't save me, I know you wouldn't want to save me. Because it's such a pain, it's too much effort and you don't like that, so you decided to put ice cold packs in your messages and reply with dull words.
And my heart aches again, and this time, it's much painful.
I've always wanted to bear your name,
carve it to my heart and claim it mine
But to think that your rainbow-colored smile and tanned skin would not belong to me,
I stopped, let anxiety took over
And gave you all up.
It breaks my heart
To remember the start

We were best friends
Who grew into greater friends

We were the lovers of Eros
The ten among the zero's

We were like the ocean
You were the tidal waves
and I, the beach

I think of us now as continents
Millions of years ago we were split,
though the scars can be seen
We belong together

I love you Meagan
and I hope you still do,
for it hurts Belle
it hurts insanely
My mind cannot stop picturing us
My heart cannot stop beating at you
My eyes, cannot lie, no matter how red
My lips, have grown dry
My hands, have grown violent

I need you
I want you
In a week we've been separate ways for a year. I can't stop hurting or loving you, it's worse now than it was before. I just hope you're happy
Souf 2d
She hurt you once
she hurt you twice
the last strike
and she's out

Goodbye dear lad,
not dear no more!
But, yet, something.
Something inside of
I can't see
that something inside
of me.

It's yelling.
My heart is BEATING!

It just ain't right
But the heart wants what it wants.
My brain says no
yet it still ain't up to me,
for the heart wants what it wants.
Heart wants what it wants ~u~
gee, ikr!
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