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Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Maroon Dysfunction.

The wall orbs in seconds.
While I dwell n loath.
Chew through blood curdled at the scene.
Pooled in awakening lithium.
Only to match the curve of the tremolo.
But defined.
through friction.
& breasted shadows.
So shown.

Garrett Johnson.
never have met.
Allison French Oct 2019
Haven't You heard?

The great wave represents

Mona Lisa's smile is not happy
Let me tell you why

You just don't understand
what it means

Maybe if you were more in tune
With yourself
And your soul
You would know what they were saying
What they were expressing
With each color
Each stroke

Haven't you heard
The answer is definite
I know for sure
What they represent
What they mean
Don't you feel the same way?
noa Oct 2019
this time of year feels like a memory already
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2018
a television interview, Oct. 2018  with Sir Paul McCartney

~for all of us, forever~


**** you Paul, old man
you trying to make us all look bad?
guess you’re just another
‘miner for a thousand years’
or more,
cause we haven’t seen a reason why the vein should run dry,
for the stolid earth resupplies endless old metal and the liquid veins
supply the need, the urgency of a warm gun of composition,
a drug nonpareil

and the things that provoke,
still provoke once more and again,
love and need, even memories,
petri dish cell regrown,
breathing atmospheric nutrients in the hotheaded hothouse air
of the human farm

‘tis why I paean you at 4:25am understanding full well,
better than most, for once I wrote,
it’s always the next one, that will be,
the flawless poem,
that will permit the laying down of the pen, the guitar

but even flawless is not
“good enough yet”
for all of us, forever

for “yet,”
even more than forever,

is the most unlimited word we share


5:02am 10/17/18
Elizabeth Zenk Oct 2018
I fear that people will find my poetry,
and learn what I have not.
What I have not learned.
lovestargirl Oct 2018
I gaped from the shock,
As I stare at your eyes, now,
How are we to know?

Now, wearing older faces,
Never thought we’d meet here.
Looks like a love story.

You looked at me,
Like you’ve never seen me this way before.
But, I look at you with a familiar glimmer.

I forced not to smile,
As I held both my cold hands,
And stood there with my sweaty feet.

I failed to remember words,
It ate me instead.
You glanced back, and bid your goodbye.

Somewhere long ago,
We’ll we know?
How’d it go, if this is still yours?

I’ll have to (let you) know.
stephanie marie May 2017
I once saw a tall man,
I usually see him when I wake up at 3AM

He always stands there eerily,
He always stares, nowhere else but me

I never saw his eyes nor did I see a face,
I just felt his eyes, even though its just a black space

Sometimes I'm afraid of sleeping because of him,
The strange thing is, ever since I saw him there,
I had no memory of my dreams.

It may be my paranoia, or I don't know, him?
He just stand there in the corner even when the light is dim,

I can see him, smiling, please leave me be.
Yusof Asnan May 2016
It may be a strange behaviour for you,
To like someone that you don't know,
To understand their feelings as if they were my own,
To accept their thoughts even when it doesn't add up with reality.

But you have never seen yourself from a different view,
Believe me you'll fall too.

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