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LJDC Jan 2022
I used to write proses unbothered by rules,
Poems with no assurance of being read,
Words just written to be free.

Now am I one of fools?
Fearing what comes out of my head?
Afraid of what others see?

Is this the curse of technicality?
Of knowing more about reality?
Bluff is that age comes with clarity.

Here is my **** to hell I send,
Existing is tiring year by year,
Is there anything more to feel?

I am far from the end.
But I wish I am near.
I have nothing time can steal.
LJDC Oct 2018
I am hungry of a touch,
As if my eyes wants you back,
As if your arms invites me,
As if my lips wants yours.

Instinctly I want you,
But I also need reason.
However, a woman has needs too,
And she craves for you.

She longs for your broad shoulders,
For your lengthy arms and legs,
For your caressing fingers,
For your untamed desire.

Take me back to the night,
You stole a kiss,
I kissed you back,
And I was yours.
My id wants you now.
LJDC Sep 2018
If I look into your eyes,
Would you look at mine?
If I smiled at you,
Would you smile at me too?

For when I look into your eyes,
I get to feel.
I melt as your brown eyes,
Your **** eyes swims deep into mine.

But I know you do not want to,
You do not want my trenches,
And as beautiful your eyes can be in sunlight,
Like you, I’ll just stare.

For I will smile at you,
As sweet as a girl who’s never been in love,
Who has no clue of what it takes to love,
For I adore you so much that I hate you.

But I don’t like your smiles,
I love your laughs.
So please, always laugh.
For I am infatuated by you.

In a room full of people,
It’s you I look for.
For an unspoken thing,
Keeps me waiting.

And I look at you,
And smile,
But feel afraid,
For I was frozen.

I was broken,
And you made me feel.
Again, it flutters,
I won’t let it.

But If my heart wasn’t taken,
Will you have it?
If your heart wasn’t taken,
Can I have it?
There's nothing more frightful than a frozen heart knowing how to feel again.
LJDC Aug 2018
First it was fright,
Then there was courage.
I took a step then there was I,
Then the music came so loud,
It made me deaf of myself
It was a loud as the silence in my room,
The only difference is I'm not alone.

In a room full of people,
I saw you.
You and your ignorance.
You and the memories you left me with.
A scribble of words at the back of my planner
LJDC Jun 2018
Have you ever loved someone's presence,
Which made you feel sick when he's not there.

Have you ever loved someone's eyes,
Which you looked for every person you looked at.

Have you ever loved someone,
Which haunted you for quite some time.

Have you ever loved,
But not be loved in return?

Unrequited it was.
But do you even remember,
How it felt like,
To be once again,
Sometimes memories are more vivid than the reality.
LJDC Feb 2018
It's a Thursday and I'm ready for tonight,
Let's lie that I am 18.

As Taft Avenue welcomes me like a friend,
Understanding of my needs,
Appreciative of my beauty,
And blind of my secrets.

All I see are stares,
All I hear are loud,
All I smell are smoke and alcohol,
All I feel is uncertainty?

How about getting drunk,
Dancing through the deafening EDM?
Singing a trendy song?
And maybe, just maybe, have fun?

How about making friends,
A friend of a friend of your friend?
A cool guy who sat beside you?
Or probably someone who likes you.

How about a 5 second kiss,
From a good looking stranger?
From a familiar face?
Who cares, we won't meet again.

How about a 10 second kiss,

Oh dear.
That was fun.
Looks familiar? Happy Thursday it is.
LJDC Feb 2018
Fairytales begin in love at first sight,
But it was before, long before today,
When princesses wore dresses,
When all you can get is a smile.

Then he’ll ask her name,
How beautiful she is,
Then ask her to dance,
And when they shall meet again.

But I tell you it was before today.
When there are only ladies and gentlemen.
When romance is graceful,
When attraction eventually grows to love.

Now, fairytales begin at the first kiss,
And love is not necessary.
She’s drunk and he as well,
And they get what they wanted.

Both are strangers to each other,
But did you see how their eyes talked?
By how slowly the night deepens as they go closer?
But then they shall never meet again.

Before today it was love that was sealed,
By a kiss treasured till forever.
But what’s tonight ends tomorrow,
What’s tomorrow will be oblivious of tonight.
Sadly that’s how it goes...
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