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Sovit Pokhrel May 2020
You told your lies,
And i followed.

Innocent & bovine,
Little did i know,
Like the piper,
You were leading me,
To a ravine.
The biggest coward is a man who awakens a womans love without the intention of loving her.

Bob marly.
GulRukh Jun 2019
Beautiful soul
I wanna bear it all

Pink lips, tan skin
Every second with you is sin

I want us naked
It's hard but we can make it

Our love can defy all the laws
I wanna see all of your flaws

I wanna touch the light coming out of it
Let's tangled our lights where it can fit
Slowly assassinating my soul
You are the best thing I've ever hold

Poison or cure
I'll sip it if you pour
Don't wanna run away ... not anymore
liza Jan 2019
indefatigable fools
fighting currents
Acting all different
just to stand out
Arguing with reality
frightened by normality
Majority ain't got time
for this purposeless rebellion.
Tryin to impress with a
dead dude's philosophy
but got no original thoughts.
Taking big like some prodigy
What a sad parody
Nothing but mindless beans
looking for a way outa
Social rejection
Drug addiction
blaming side affects of
anxiety and depression
Left behind
bruised and beaten
People shout, "just shut up
Sit back in your sadle
You ain't surviving
this battle;  Life
It hands out punches
just roll with it
go with the flow
No need to stay low, tho
Let 'em know
who's the real you"
But incorrigible fools
ignoring advise
Not worth ego sacrifice
they see no alternative but
a prideful stride to suicide
newpoetica Dec 2018
this life is not always about our dreams that are expected

instead the reality of our life becomes merely accepted

it's not wonderful nor is it bad

something about realization is sad

we just accept the mediocrities

when we wish to attain our wildest abilities
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
Sometimes at highs
sometimes at lows,
Striking hard
yet the life flows,

Never plan forever
the life moves in the loops,
Atop in love
followed by droops.

Come out of
the life humdrum,
Let the spirit resonate
with the drum.

Facing each other
clap and stoop,
A gentle hop
move in the hoop.

Come dressed up
making one hoop,
Let the music play
dance with your troupe.
Garba is an indian regional dance performed in group. At times with partner. Its performed in circles moving anticlockwise. Involves clapping and bending. It's nine days festival season here. Garba is done to offer prayers to deity Devi Durgaji. She is worshipped as the deity of power strength purity forgiveness peace love compassion ... the supreme mother. Dancers wear special attires and jewellery. I love dancing. I tried to establish anology with the life.
epictails Jul 2015
There must be meaning

If we are doomed to find it

All our lives
Thoughts at dinner. I can go from comical to existential in less than 5 seconds
kyle Shirley Jul 2015
They will not know when im gone, if they call or text and I dont reply they would simply think im busy, not dead. "No, he would never do that, he is such a happy man." No im not! I am not happy, I am capable to inflict such horror upon myself. They would drop to there knees and gasp as they saw my body. Maybe I didnt do it myself, maybe others did it to me. But the impact is all the same. Why does it take a death or a loss to awaken ones eyes. To truly see the beauty of ones soul, as it passes gentle and free through the room and out to the unknown. As judgmental eyes gaze upon the dead, speaking only of a waste of life this is, gone too soon, (tear after tear shed) BLAH BLAH BLAH! Enough! If you had any common sense you would know to cherish the life that stands before you. yes, iv made mistakes along the way but never anything like that! To cheat on you? With filth like that? Its a crime just to mutter the words! How dare you.
But. Nevertheless, what is done is done, if I go mad in the few short weeks, they would never know. Would you be at the crime scene? Or the funeral?
epictails Apr 2015
Leaving marks
Wherever the hand is
Filth going with every stroke
Everyone blames the root for the evil
No matter, the tree does the evil
Foul fingers deep in fault
I digress, I cower
And my mouth saves by spouting lies

Call me the forerunner of silent sinning
Proud heart, detestably weak mind
All I am able is point fingers
To those who did me no wrong
And sit in the corner, unprotesting
Which immensely shadows me
From a fainthearted dark
KZ Nov 2014
There's difference,
Between everything.
Repentance through our actions.
Distance through time.
Riddance through death.
**Hence we still act as if nothing happened.
This poem is posted on my instagram;KZ.Jpg
So sorry if you follow me on both!

— The End —