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dark blue Aug 27
bow down to women
your superior
admit it
deep down inside
you know men are inferior

always *****
hormonally driven
a slave
to their desire
whacking off
watching ****
chronically *******
for six hours a day

in modern times
men are useless
it's a new age
of girl power
female *******
Brett Aug 12
Tonight, she taught me the nature of healing summer rains
Whimsical descriptions of dancing in puddles, but
Metaphors only serve to drown her pain
Dry on the surface, swearing inside the drought sustains
But dew droplets in her eyes betray her restraint
The morning after, the storm remains

Little flower, bent at the stem
Oversaturated by the self-absorbed
Her waterlogged roots weighing her down, but
In fields of bloom they still look to you
See, the weak reach for the easily used green and blue tulip hues
But her yellow petals require strength to be pulled from the meadow
For A Dear Friend: Stronger then she knows.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 29
In the tall grass
Lutalica girl
In places on the run
Stretched out in her awakening
Removes the dress of her captivity
To introduce herself to those she loves
There's something deeply unknowable
And terrifying in the arrival of her liberty
Sprung forth out of the box
She started from

Lutalica: the part of your identity that doesn't fit into categories.
dark blue Jul 27
dance with daddy
wear your tutu
spin and twirl

hold his hand

into his arms
and heart

you’re his little
prima ballerina
Owen Aug 11
We are the lucky ones.
We figured it out,
cracked the code.
Birds of a feather,
fated souls.
And I could drown
deep in those eyes.
This beautiful woman
makes me feel alive
makes me feel awake,
with a mind thats at peace,
with the world,
with this girl,
I am finally at ease.
And it makes no sense,
at least not to me,
what'd I do to deserve
to be so lucky.
np Jul 17
“maybe this time it’ll be different”
“maybe we can work things out”
“maybe you won’t get hurt”
“maybe you won’t catch feelings”
“maybe you can control the growing feelings and turn them off”
“maybe he’s better as a friend”
“maybe you won’t have *** again”
“maybe this time around he won’t randomly kiss your face goodbye, leaving you wondering what it meant and wanting more all at once”
“maybe this time he won’t tell you he loves you when you’re ******* for the third time that day”
“maybe this time he’ll stop talking to other girls”
“maybe this time he’ll hide the other girls better”
“maybe this time he’ll hurt you enough to stay away”
“maybe this time you should just stay away”
i’ve realized that the word “maybe” has made its bed within my head and is living there rent free,
all because i cant seem to break free,
from you.
Brett Jul 17
Swimming through my blood again
The same soulless feeling
A boy found at ten

Empty silhouettes haunt my bed
Strands of blonde
Like a noose tied around my neck

Choking me slow
But what is pain to a portrait
Caught in the fire of a burning home
Rest in peace to all the fallen musicians who left far too soon. I could never count the inspirations. Thank You.
zelda rangel Jul 6
You have the most pleasant touch,
most pleasant eyes, most pleasant wrinkles.
Kotschka, you have turned me into a fire
without knowing it, without seeing it.
Now that you do, look at me and show
me remorse, and give me your condolences.
This is my very first time saying this:
I died when you looked at me
and I died when you said 'hi.'
I died when you smiled,
and I died again when you touched me.
This is how it's going to be, but know
that I can die again and again
as long as it's for you and because of you.
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