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Nao Apr 25
Someone who is inconsiderate and insensitive.

Someone who used to be kind to you, but then decided that you weren't good enough for them anymore.
- The Urban dictionary.

I guess you're a ***** then.
Nao Apr 25
I want to scream.
Who gave you the right,
to treat me like you did?
to lie like you did?
to break me like you did?
to love me like you did?
I mean
Nao Apr 25
I just found,
someone else.
He sounds different when he sais good morning.
He doesn't hate me,
not yet.
Do you think about me?
When you make love her?
Does she cry,
like I still do?
I found someone,
but I'm still
so ******* lonely.
Nao Apr 8
I think that
you realize,
how sweet you are,
and beautiful in my eyes,
in your reflection.
We are nothing,
just strangers with
a little too much time
and loneliness,
so let's stay like
a little while
Nao Jan 6
Do you like it?
Hurting me I mean.
It seems I'm never enough,
and I wonder,
If I'll ever be.

Do you like it?
Loving me I mean.
I feel bad a little,
mostly all the time.

Do you hate it that much?
Living I mean.
Because it seems,
You can't let me.

My chest is filled with men,
who enjoy seeing pain,
and yes,
you're one of them.
But this is a poem.
So I guess,
you can be beautiful.
Nao Dec 2019
Drunk and naked in the dirt,
Softly wasting all I had,
Sinking in earth's dress,
covering the screams,
with my mistakes
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