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Nao Mar 14
if I am happy,
truly happy,
is it okay for me
to complain.

It's all so new,
this peace of mind,
I feel the need
to ruin it.

If I am happy,
truly happy,
and I make it stop
at least
you won't
Nao Feb 11
Every time
I whisper my love,
it becomes more concrete,
a cement between my bones,
crushing me with no remorse.
Nao Jan 30
I lost someone again today.
They left,
after a conversation of silence,
and a few smiles I didn't care to respond to.

It's becoming a lot easier,
to say goodbye.
I looked away,
walked away,
"thank you for everything".

And just like that,
I lost someone.

Nao Nov 2020
I'm not allowed to want to be touched,
not just held but really touched,
because you want me to nod and say I've never done this before.

I'm not allowed to say no either,
when it's too much,
because you want me to smile and let you do your business.

And I'm not allowed to cry,
or say you took this from me
Because I never said no, I smiled, I nodded and was quiet.

You want me to be innocent for you,
pure and easy, childlike almost.
Do you realize,
How ****** up that is?
Nao Nov 2020
i like you when you're here
forget you when you're gone
Nao Nov 2020
I think I know now,
           That this was never really more than a moment,
                       I was never as attached
                                  As I liked to imagine.

I think i know now
           That i love you when you're here,
                       Forget you when you're gone,
                                   You don't cross my mind as i fall asleep.
I'm sorry,

        I'll call you later
Nao Oct 2020
If I go,
without saying goodbye.
I want you to know,
that I really tried.
To live and love,
to endure and smile.
To find the truth,
in this realm of lies.
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