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Nao Feb 22
You and your sweet, sweet lies,

I'll miss your bitter taste.

Everything had a price,

Put your hands on my waist.


You and your sweet, sweet smile.

Both' your hands in my hair.

You were so versatile,

Loved you like a nightmare

We cannot be appart,

I never asked you for much,

Yet you keep breaking my heart.

All I ever wanted was your touch.
Nao Feb 22
You say writers
don't listen.
You say lovers
don't sin
Nao Feb 4
My eyes are burning.
I don't want to cry in front of you.
I've always been able,
to keep it all inside.
For years, I've succeeded.
You never even caressed the thought,
that maybe I needed more,
than what you already gave me.
I don't want to cry in front of you.
If I start now,
I don't think I'll be able to stop.
Please go away.
Just for a while.
I need air,
I can't breathe.
Please go.

I'm not strong anymore
Nao Feb 4
His name made its way through my lips.
In the reflection of his amber eyes, I saw my face.
I didn't want any of this.
I did not want this intense, primitive desire.
And yet, slowly, inevitably, I dragged myself to him and pulled myself up on him.
My hips against his, I ran my tongue on his throat, on his Adam's apple, on his jaw.
- Come closer
Nao Feb 4
Soft and sharp like a blade.
New and so familiar.
Dangerous and so desirable. 

As Harmless as a serial killer.
Nao Jan 17
Would you want to be immortal ?
- Never
Interpret this like you want, In my case. somebody asked me
if I would have liked to live forever, and there was no hesitation.
Nao Jan 15
If you announced I could live a million years,
I’d **** myself.
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