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Kate Millar Mar 13
That love once enveloped her every being
He was in her bones
Every breath she took was for him
Intoxicating obsession
He said they were forever
She hung on to those words
Like she hung to the edge of a cliff

Her life raft
Her familiar
His mastermind
His game
  Mar 13 Kate Millar
Alex Teng
We fell in love by chance,
We stay in love by choice.
Kate Millar Mar 7
Her smile
Your smell
Her nerves
Your kiss
On her neck
It was all she ever needed
Untill it was the one thing that broke her
Kate Millar Mar 7
A dress draped around her carefree
No painted doll face
Crazy hair frames her soft innocent eyes
Imperfectly perfect
She loves her inner beauty
Her sense of self
Creative, quirky , funny
She knows what she is capable of
A voice so paper thin
But loud enough to sing
Her skin is delicate
Green eyes
Though she cannot see
As she lost her sight
When she met him
Love is blind
Kate Millar Mar 3
A sense of freedom
No thought circling around
An unfamiliar feeling
The pure rush of a fire that engulfs a wild forest with no limit.
Kate Millar Mar 3
I see a glimpse of the past
I see the trouble
Ignore the sensible
Invite the unknown

Leap into the warmth
It’s inviting
You can’t resist

The pain it will bring
Pretend it doesn’t exist

Something doesn’t feel welcoming
Yet alluring at the same time

You have just been experienced a narcissist

Your pain is his gain
Kate Millar Jun 2020
A faint hope
A glimmer of faith
Wishing and wanting you
I don’t want to wait

I thought fate bought us together
Different meanings for you and I
A song on the radio
The memory of your smile

Different scenarios rush around in my head
Why do I long for something so much
I can’t have
The pit in my stomach
The dread

I don’t want to forget
Yet it’s getting harder to remember
Those summer nights
We spent together
The look you would give me
Shivers down my spine
Me asking questions
The price I paid for your time

If only those hours were days
And days turned into months
If only I knew there was a limit
I would have treaded carefully
And wouldn’t have jumped

Right into the unknown
I felt so positive you would be there
There to catch the broken pieces
Of my heart
I can’t even tell you how I feel now
It’s all to hard
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