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Willow SR Feb 26
Your life
Lives on through me
Every moment of the day
For when I'm asked
"What makes life worth living"
It's always you
That I'll say
We miss you ♡
Willow SR Dec 2019
I thought I loved you
I thought I cared
Until one night
I turned around
And realized
It was just you shadow
Standing there
Some people aren't meant to stay in your life.
Willow SR Nov 2019
Every month
Of every year
I still care

Every week
Of every month
I still miss you

Every day
Of every week
I still see you

Every hour
Of every day
I still need you

Every minute
Of every hour
I still cry for you

Every moment
Of every future day
I still love you
I miss you mom.
Willow SR Aug 2019
I lay awake
Cry for their sake
But not on the outside
My tears flow
From the inside
Numb thoughts fill my mind
As I wonder why
Why I cry
When I know
The worst day is behind
I know people say time heals all wounds, but I think they forget that it usually gets worse before it gets better.
  Jul 2019 Willow SR
Isaak Thompson
When you see a boy
You feel fear
Nothing you enjoy
Right here
When you see a girl
You smile
You would give anything in the world
To be with her
Been that way for a while
When he touches you
You flinch away
When she touches you
You want to stay
When he holds your hand
The  air tingles tension and discomfort
When she holds your hand
It's like nothing before it
Listen girl
You don't like those guys
It doesn't feel the same
No matter how much you hide
The way your heart goes won't change
You like those girls
Well that girl
Listen girl, you're gay
Getting more comfortable about it and very proud of being gay lol
Willow SR Jul 2019
I loved you
I missed you
But I don't miss you
That's how it is sometimes.
Willow SR Jun 2019
I love you
Even if you don't care
I love you
Even through my despair
I love you
Even if you're never there
But I mostly love you
For the times
You looked me in the eyes
And I saw your presence there
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