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Willow SR Jun 13
I felt your tidal wave of expectations
Flowing down on me
I thought it was a miracle I didn't drown
You told me I should have built a boat
Sometimes just getting by is okay.
Willow SR Jun 11
Red is the rage I feel when the hatred gets too much
Orange is the good days when I find people I can trust
Yellow is the community shining down on me
Green is the new members letting their sexuality or gender identity sprout free
Blue is the sky that can never limit us
Purple is the pride for the rainbow in each and every one of us
Happy Pride Month!
Willow SR Apr 28
If like repeals like
Why has my negativity
Opened the door
To yours
Willow SR Apr 27
Β Β  You okay,"
Β Β They ask. "Of
Course," I always
reply. And never once
has a single living being
ever taken the time. To call
out my blatant lies. Until
today. And suddenly
the tears fall
Willow SR Apr 18
You say you can't be changed
That one's mind cannot be bent
So why is it
That my mind
Has learned
To accept that you will never
Begin to comprehend
Or accept
Who I am
Willow SR Apr 14
We'll always be worlds apart
Every moment of the day
For even when you're beside me
Your mind is racing away

We'll always be two passing cars
On this ever-winding road
Until all that's left of you and me
Is distance long foretold

You'll always be my shooting star
I can see you streaking by
And in a blink, you're gone
Before I can even say goodbye

You'll always be my world
And I know that I'm yours too
But there's a universe out there
And we're explorers, me and you
Willow SR Apr 12
Don't stand so tall and mighty
Under the weight of those you've wronged
For one day they might not be so helpless
And as the collective rises
You alone will fall
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