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Your crazy
The men say
And I say

We're women
We work hard
We are strong and divine

And if you don't know that
Then you belong
In no world of mine
This obviously doesn't apply to every single guy out there. So, thank you to the men who spend their time supporting women.
I love you now
I loved you then
If you were here I'd say it again
Willow SR Apr 11
I'm not sorry
And you should understand
That just because I'm not winning gold
Doesn't mean I'm not striving
To reach the end
The end always seem so far away,
But we keep going day by day.
Willow SR Apr 10
Reaching for worlds I've never known
Reaching for people I hardly know
Reaching for heights unknown
But mostly reaching for a hand to hold
Willow SR Apr 6
Today we celebrate
An awesome woman's birth
We look to her empty chair

And we smile
Mouths curve open
But our eyes reflect despair

For it's another birthday past
When we celebrate
Without the birthday girl there
Willow SR Apr 6
I've lost faith in forever
And have come to accept
That what we had is now
A never
Willow SR Mar 25
You looked me in the eyes
And I felt myself
Words buckled behind my chin
As I tried to keep my feelings within

Weeks passed
And I tried to forget
Those hateful words forever locked in my head

You say you want respect
But isn't respect earned
And how can I respect the man
Who pointed me to the curb

And I get your trying
But don't you think I'm trying too
And if I'm unearthed
Don't you think there's something better you could try and do

Because even if the words weren't meant
To be heard that way
I still don't know
Why those words
Are the ones you chose to say
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