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Willow SR Mar 2022
i am not a vibrant ocean blue
nor as pink as the sunset sky

i am not the daughter you watched grow
nor will i ever be a guy

i am not anything you said I'd be
instead, I am simply me
Willow SR Feb 2022
i've lived so long
being told that i was pink
but i've come to realize
i've never seen that colour
within myself
Willow SR Feb 2022
Will I always be the sidenote
In someone else's story
The enby kid pushed to the edges
Away from the glory

Will I always be a supporting role
In every tale that's told
Or will I ever get to be the one
With greater representation shown
Willow SR Feb 2022
Every single moment
Of every single day
Even when I'm happy
The madness won't stay away

For with every passing minute
I feel it all slip away
And instead of being sad
There's a numbness that stays
Willow SR Jan 2022
Dear 2022,

I will try to have hope for you.
I will try to hold you near.
I will try to love you.
And in return please be a dear.
Please don't let them hurt me.
Please hold me when my tears fall.
Please be there for me through it all.

And when it gets tough.
Let there be goodness.
Let there be love too.
And let hope blossom anew.
If you could do this.
We would all be extremely, entirely,
gratefully indebted to you.  

Those hoping for something new
Here's to hoping for a good 2022
Willow SR Jan 2022
They tell me I'm missing out
That I should find a person to be my home
But I am not lacking
I am whole
All on my own
Willow SR Dec 2021
I'm not quite lying when I say who I am
I'm skirting around the truth
And dropping hints within the sand

I'm not quite sure I have ever met myself
For with each passing moment
It seems I have become someone else

I'm not quite sure I can call myself a girl
For there's a rock within my stomach
That sometimes surfaces with the word
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