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kristine w Jan 9

flames hail,
so They wail
in Whoseforest.

the smog of it all,
has the system dull
in Whoseforest.

wails of help resound,
but are Their voices really found?

a peasant man’s dime too little,
a wealthy man’s dime too many.
the kings lounge
as scorn rages
and rages
and rages
in Whoseforest.

the peasants beg,
“your majesty!
choking up
our lungs,
Their lungs,
Her lungs.
this tragedy
is one of ours
of yours
deploy a strategy
have you not?”

the kings sit
with the wealthy
sipping tea
eyes lit
with lax smiles.

but just like Them,
their voices go

peasant, wealthy, royalty
all born and bred
of the same ancestry
brothers cry,
but brothers stray

They too,
both and bred
of their ancestry
but descendants soon
fall flat

mother nature now speaks,
“for we are all born and bred
of the same hearth
should it not be our earth
to love and share?”
She,too, wails
for Whoseforest.

so tell me now,
whose forest?
in light of the recent unfortunate australia wildfires :(
Jason Drury Jan 9
Go north,
into Frost’s domain.
Comparing your soul,
and walk the same path.
Stomp the ground,
to make it real.
Walk in the wood,
in the grass and snow.
Follow the steps,
learned from the past.
Diverge in the thicket,
and follow your heart.

How did you do it?
Will I have to die to?
Chiquita Jan 8
A new year
A new beginning
It starts with fire.
That's all you see.
I see my house burning
In front of my eyes
Ripping away piece by piece
Diminishing into the flames.
I see my friends getting hurt
Smoke suffocting them.
They don't know what to do
They can't run or hide.
I hear my family crying;
Our home is fading
We have no where to go.
For you it's just trees.
For me it's home.
It's my food.
It's my living.
Everything is taken away from me
Yet you cry for your loss.
My entire Species is going extinct.
One by one they burn
Along with their house
they vanish into the flames.
This is too painful for me.
I have nothing to cling onto
I have no family to call.
I'm just a homeless runt.
This is written from the koala point of view.
25 people died.
We lost 1 billion of animals.....
Lily Jan 8
I was withdrawn,
Then to my forest edge you came one day,
Sailing in on a
Bed of clouds
With a rainbow smile.
Although I tried to climb the trees,
Your bed of clouds was too high,
And you didn’t dare go down into the forest,
For fear your cloud would break.
The sweet pang I felt as I watched your
Rainbow smile ascend on your bed of clouds
Would not be soon forgotten.
But as I awake from my dream,
Your memory fades
As the wisp of a cloud.
Happy New Year everybody!  I hope your 2020 has had great moments already, and that there are more great ones to come! <3

Inspired by Robert Frost's "A Dream Pang"
“Come to me, my teddy bear,”
Said the big bad greying wolf.
And I took my steps with lots of care,
Preparing to be engulfed.

He gestured me towards the park,
Where the trees were bony figures,
And I looked like the branches in the dark,
As they were practically disfigured.

I pouted my tiny teddy face,
Pounding my plushy feet.
But if I were to start a sudden chase,
Wolfie would use me as meat.

Taking my arm, he drew me near;
He hated the sight of my pout.
And he harshly whispered into my ear,
“Teddy bear, make me real proud.”

He wanted to play a simple game
Where I’d use my softest kisses.
And he, in return, would grant me no pain—
As long as I was his misses.

“Teddy bear, listen; I’ll be so kind
If you agree to pet me.
Or I shall snap and leave here well-dined
With you in my growling belly.”

“Wolfie, dear, listen;
I shall stroke your greying tail.
Show me your teeth; see how they glisten,
And are white like falling hail?”

We played outside all day and night,
And Wolfie liked my style.
Still I never put up a fight
Because we both wore a smile.

I liked the game and it was fun,
But Wolfie was addicted.
We lasted till his stomach spun—
Playing this game that was so twisted.

Looking at the woods, those trees were close,
But no creatures were around.
No meowing, no barking, no chirping of crows...
Other than us, there were no sounds.

Strangely, I felt my teddy heart bleed
For the one who almost ate me.
I guess love was my truest defeat—
Not his claws and growling belly.

“I know you promised to let me go,
But what if I were to stay?
Wolfie, there’s so much I have show,
And forever this love game we’ll play.”

“I think you’re troubled, my little bear,
But forever playing is what I crave.
You’re so cute and pretty—on this I swear,
And for once a teddy is small and so brave.”

“Cuddle me, love me, hug me so well;
Wolfie, don’t be so afraid.
I know we’ll both burn in a hell—”
“Forgive me lord,” he prayed.

He gazed at me and I at him.
We laughed at sight of our faces.
And though he was big and I was so slim,
I had hope our love would be painless.

The first time we played, he kept me safe,
So this wolf I truly trusted.
Though at first he was rough, his sins I forgave,
And our love went on interrupted.
I didn’t know how to end this poem.
land of hills and fog,
moss covered forest and a
cottage in the dark

Please, oh please, lamenting weep,
please, don’t take my baby from me.
Within the woods and through the trees,
on the hills, I’m on my knees.
Please don’t take my baby from me.

Frigid sweat runs down her forehead
and she whimpers from her shivering chest.
Tried my best to sing her to sleep
but there is blood in these lullabies.

Her coughs are like shattered glass from her throat,
and her painful wails in these walls echo.
And though I wish this was all a dream,
I heard from the woods the old rallying cry.

I lie on the bed and clutch my child
and pray her soul keeps clear of the wild.
I bridle my tears so her armour’s not weak,
though in my heart it’s becoming a lie.

Please, I beg you, don’t take her away,
she was only just born the other day.
Let her step on the stones, let her be free,
let her remain, keep her alive.

Please, oh please, lamenting weep,
please, don’t take my baby from me.
Within the woods and through the trees,
on the hills, I’m on my knees.
Please don’t take my baby from me.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
The harbinger of death

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JT Nelson Jan 2
Rise and set
Right to left
Moss on my back

My skin grows thicker
Wrinkles and rings
One more each year

More leaves each year
I shed in fall
Dead sticks to the wind

I shade the warm
Hold nests for birds
And squirrels

I push my roots
As deep as I can
To find more water

My friends around me
Battle for the sky
Together we are forest.
B D Caissie Dec 2019
Forest so quiet from snow through the night.
Such new and pure beauty all covered in white.

There's something special on being the first to behold.
For it seemingly safeguards one's heart from the cold.

Like walking through a wardrobe into a magical place.
A glimpse of my youth could be seen on my face.

Forest so quiet from snow through the night.
Glitters like diamonds with the sun's morning light.
rgz Dec 2019
my knees are bruised

my stomach is full

my bleary eye has been caught

my breath treads shallow

my blood runs deep

my voice is swept by the majesty

my hands grow weary

my heart grows with them

my bones are a fortress of solitude

part them

in such sweet sorrow

my clouded lungs rejoice
pure as fire
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