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Crysta Gingras Apr 2016
I wish I was there
To help ease your pain
I would brush back your hair
And fight back your bane
It would stand no chance
Not after hurting my sweetheart
I would fight it with a lance
And then slice it apart
You say there’s more than one?
Well have ‘em come my way
I have only just begun
They can all join in the fray
I’ll kick them and smash them
And give them all a clout
You say they are more like shadows?
Then I’ll challenge them to a bout
They may wisp and twist
And swirl all around me
But by then I’ll be ******
They will trip over to flee
When the battle is over
And I walk away with victory
I’ll quickly gather my composure
So I can steal a kiss from thee
I’ve fought the monsters away
They shall bother you no more
Today is now a new day
Perhaps even better than before
My girlfriend was really upset and I had no idea what was going on :'(
Brandon Amberger Jan 2016
I can’t take this any more
It’s truly a brutal cold war
With the deception and spite
Full of anger, pain, suffering we fight
Between family that are now foes
We hit each other with low blows
It’s easy, wicked and rotten
We don’t remember the good, it’s just forgotten
With favoritism and neglect
Without the slightest respect
We are parasitic infestations
Just a group of ****** up generations
elias Nov 2015
It is better to have haters because you know that they already talking **** about you
Rather than having a good friend that bites you from behind
Gidi Quotes Oct 2015
Sometimes we need
Tears to clear our eyes
So we realise
The foes in disguise
Yeah the foes in these guys
short poem from my chapbook Mama's boy
Dr zik Apr 2015
A man thinks for those
Who can’t think for others
Pray for those
Who don't pray for others
Without knowing the foes
A man feels friendship with others
When he recognizes his hidden foes
He don’t try to make them friends
forgiving, praying and caring
With his splendid rays of character
Zik Poetry
Ann Davis Mar 2015
We often forget that the person closest to us could be one
The one we always try to protect ourselves from
Neha D Jun 2014
What I really want to know,
Is while her frock flies to and fro,
Have you really seen her knees?

Her toes are an absolute pleasure,
her ankles are fun to measure,
Despite all this fun at leisure,
I'm a stranger to those knees.

She'd rather charm and please,
Tantalize, tickle and tease,
Than show those blasted knees!

And when I tell her so-
She'll display her elbow
and say "They're just the same,
with a different name".

Some day in her eyes, lemon I’ll squirt,
then quickly tear the hem of her skirt
And take a good look at those knees.
Mr X Jun 2014
Friends,  family and foes...
Can they ever erase my solitude?
Can they ever erase the persisting loneliness?

I have laughed with them,
Suffered with them
And of course,
have suffered for them.

They have been there like the moon with the earth and the earth with the sun, in every orbit of my life.

But still my solitude and its silent pleasure persists.
Like the hurting echoes of the unspoken words...
Still I find myself lonely
Amidst the jostling and screaming herds.

Is it because they seem so transient?
Like a deceiving but fair illusion?
My soul makes me question even reason by making it appear like a mere dilusion.

The one who knows what we haven't questioned yet.
Is in oneness with the ultimate bearer of souls perhaps.

All our souls are destined to be one...
And in oneness there is only solitude.
Rohit Rohan May 2014
As foes they head
As friends they pause
At every step
At every cause
As such we have been
Right from birth
Our mornings are loud
That muffle our mirth
We here say we are better
And across the line
They say its them!
Wearing a past forlorn
A present torn
We puff up at each others loss
Whose fault is it?
Who is to blame?
Shame on us as we both are the same
We need confession
We need to admit
To clot the blood and dampen the heat
But no!
We have no needle to stitch the cause
So fight we say
And do fight!
Sticking to old ways
Like lizards,tight!
Such meanness we show
Small sentiments and feelings so low!
Nor do they owe us
Nor do we owe
They call us foe
We call them foe....

— The End —