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Lee Aaun Mar 8
finally, she has learned how to
love herself, till the sun shines
and moon comes back—
to lighten the night
the storms calm down,
waves become ceased
and the ocean is tranquil
in all chapters of her life
she has mastered the techniques
of surviving in hell
everyday can be special, if you can treat her right
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Try to see that we're all on repeat
Improving techniques
Familiarity comes with a fee
Feel free to pull up a seat
but take this receipt
Déjà vu is approved

Repetition helps us relate too
A translation of trauma
Through authentic remnants
When fragments come loose
from sourced attributes

Filter your core beliefs
The further we seek
Higher levels of attainment
require persistent maintenance
No rehearsed alliteration
or forced informal acquaintances
Be true to you
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
John McCafferty Mar 2020
To aim your place
and chase with haste
Whilst many face
the angst and grace

Informed techniques befit your crest
Smash through with force
Opposing guests
Controlling breath
Patience met
The journeys long to ascend

Focus on the foes ahead
Destructive forces with intent
Defeat dealt out inside a zone
Hate and venom will be spent
A noble art to call your own
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
My eyes are beautiful because they carry your image
Allow my eyes be frank to communicate love message
Your beauty is out in the sun let me take advantage
My love needs coverage allow your beauty to envisage

Your beauty demands from me all my love streaks
My love has taken away from you your lovely cheeks
Allow me to learn from you all real love techniques
You beauty exonerates when my love just speaks

Let me take my love to you on the path of ecstasy
My love needs more warmth your beauty needs key
On your terms and conditions let my love to agree
Give my love your hand to me to act more clearly

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

— The End —