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Juan Bot Mar 1
They come here,
In swarms.

Invade our land,
Take our resources,
Take our children,

They speak a barbaric language,
Like glass breaking in our ears.
They wear wierd clothes,
Like colorful trash bags.

They force us to speak their language,
They take our land,
Call it America.
Tell it to our children.
      They aren't our children.

Where will we go now?
A remarkable bit of history.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
He stalks like a cat.
Then he roars aloud to scare out their attempts.
He is bringing swinging claws.
Swinging from his metal paws.

He only wants the human his master thinks.
To rip apart their work stink.
His brothers rumble the ground.
They also fly from the sky circling around.

Remembering the sounds of cries of the past.
Just like his brothers to sneak a midnight snack.
Not only that but the pesky insects that feed.
As they try to fight to end a world of greed.

Roaring once more at the parasites host.
Only one can save them to grow.
He throws another roar to the wind.
To be, feed, his fill of skin.

Not to be hated but always feared by his foes.
He will go wherever his scent will go.
Try another round of joe.
What he thinks no one will ever know.

Right now we have all we need.
After the far cry is heard he is swift at the deed.
Try again and again to ravage the pain.
What he finds out might make you go insane.
adira Feb 2018
Some would say the lush green forest on the mountainside is perfect
But I know almost every forest
Lush or grey
Is plagued with disease
Whether it is the tiniest of parasites
Or the most destructive of predators.
everyone has a problem a trouble not everything is all joy and no ones life is perfect
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
Save yourself, you insufferable, juxtaposed parasite.
Day 6/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
chasing suns May 2017
you tended to parasites,
thinking they were blossoms.

you expected them
to grow around
and into
the person
i used to be.

you expected something beautiful.

but now,
vines are constricting me,
growing around me,
curling inside me.

parasites are scuttling on me,
through me,
they are a part of me.

i am made up
of parasites,
of weeds,
and wilted flowers.

everything good in me
has been devoured by
everything bad you've grown.

(i reach out to you,
hoping you will feed me
with praises,
with smiles,
with gentle intentions.)

but you water me
with hurtful words,
disappointed gazes,
and angry actions.

you expect
a paradise
in me,

and you are disappointed
when you see a barren wasteland
in the person
i was supposed to be.

and i am disappointed
because i cannot grow
the way you want me to
with the way
you nurture me.
K G Oct 2016
I'm sorry we've had to sleep on the ground for the past three weeks
Would you rather live in a place with such an unstoppable grief?
That's a harsh realm of parasites across the street
Piled right up your shoulder blade is concrete
They sadly noticed my silent birthday wish was wings
To leave from the entrance, of the air I breathe
Knit Personality Sep 2016
May bedbugs ****** you,
May redbugs infest you,
May headbugs devour your head and digest you!

Because I detest you,
(You ****-headed pest, you,)
May officers find all your drugs and arrest you!

Brandy C Zoch Jun 2016
I love the wind’s howling.
The breath of God surrounds me.
It’s angry and loud.

It says
Destroy yourselves!
and we do.

Well we do a bit,
but we’re so obsessed with living.
What the **** for?

******* parasites.
Jan. 5, 2014
Pauline Russell May 2016
I've suffered through life
Now there is parasites
They bore into my brain
Leaving me less than sane
They nibble and chew
Eating holes right through
Sleepless nights
Nothing's right
They stir up thoughts
Making my mind rot
Parasites of the awful kind
Reliving dark memories that they find
There is no cure, no hope
For the gun, the knife I *****
To end this wretched life
To rid myself of these parasites
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