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Strying Mar 2019
I remember your sweet eyes
your large smile
so good to me
so right
and then you pull me close
in the moonlight at midnight
and I close my eyes for a minute

All I see is light
When I awaken its light
And I'm all alone

A note on the corner of the bed we slept in
I slowly inch toward it
I pick it up
Read the first line
and I throw it to the ground.

Can't take this.
I scream "SHIZZ."
Still can't believe it's all gone,
just like that.
Just like that,
my world ended.
My heart flew and crashed in that moment.

I wasn't ready.
I thought she was cooking surprise breakfast.
But she was
This makes me so sad. I hope it never happens to me!
mysa Apr 2018
(in memory of when)
the thick summer air pooled around my shoulders melting
me into the swing set,
where my feet dragged the ground whenever i swang
and a girl in a yellow dress sat
next to me her legs sprawled out across the ground,
allowing the grass to kiss her skin
like a mother saying goodbye to her child one last time
and like i would to her as the sun set that night.

(in memory of when)
i sat on my roof and mourned that night
as the stars sang a hymn only i could hear
because the girl in a yellow dress was a bird
and decided this town was just another cage,
one that she could no longer be trapped in.

(in memory of when)
i wanted to go after her
my very being pulling at the edges
to grasp her hand as though it was my very lifeline
but my feet stood cemented in the ground
and she soared high above.

(in memory of when the girl in the yellow dress flew away)
i don't like how this turned out and someone else is currently making some edits on it, but i figured i might as well post the work in progress now
pk tunuri Feb 2018
When your thoughts strike like a dart
My feelings gets pierced in my heart

Every night I wet my pillow with tears
As if gods listening to my prayers

Life seems to be fun with you
I can't imagine how that happiness, just flew
I hope you always knew
That my love was true

How easy for you to forget those days
Nothing is as heavy as this pain weighs
When you truely love someone and after sometime when they don't care about you anymore, The only things you are left with are tears and prayers
they have been
knock-knock joke
******* lips

Disjointed and ajar
I left the windows to my reality
too far open for far too long
and the judgements got in
the doubts collected
the inflicted pain pooled
puddling at my feet
and somewhere along the way
you flew the coop
leaving me stuck sitting there
with cement shoes on
that I never could get off

   Feb., 2017
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
Ghostly white and turning blue
It's not hard to construe
That this would happen, already knew
Among the many, I was with the few
Where sorrow and agony grew
Sliced my skin open so my spirit flew
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