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Sophia Chang Jun 2016
I'm caught in fishnets
entwined, entangled
struggling to break free
of the hold they have on me
Alessander Feb 2015
I see you in your black corset
    Shiny as a raven’s claw
      Your hair
         Hips swerving
   Sipping a stiff drink
         In a dark corner
          Mascara thick
              Lipstick full
        In crimson bloom

        Plump lips - glazed eyes
           Fishnets and stilettos


         Unto the dance floor
      Becoming one
  With the music
While unraveling yourself
       From our mortal fetters
                    Bone fingers
         Reaching, beckoning
      As you are enveloped

By the strobe-lights and fog


   Only your pale silhouette remains
              On my tongue
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
Your colors are so heavy, how dare I, I cannot sleep. Years inundated under, through skin coils, marigold fields. Yellow crocuses, orange California poppies. Moors of cattle ranchers, yokes of oxen. Plasticine uber-confidence, silky white-skinned testubular thrice people harmonies. Blisses of contagion, contagious bliss. Wrists and incisors, tying down in a bedroom, waking up to live harps and choruses. You dance like you're so alive, but I'm so alive I can't dance. Or breathe. Or knead my fists of earthen wears, or sell my soul completely. I drove off a cliff last night, but the four foot fall ended neatly. The plateau authors my chance to sew my bright, beyond- my fortunes. But the hour before I fall asleep, seems to be the greatest torture.

— The End —