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I'm sorry I ever called you a friend.

I should have never settled for second-best, a supporting role when I really wanted to play the main character.

I should have been more honest and marked out the lines in the dirt.

We should never have been so intimate, it was killing me.
You were always a flame, and being close burned and blackened me.

I thought it beautiful yet I smouldered alone.

I grew to hate you almost as much as I loathed myself,
If I could spare some venom that I poured down my throat.
I regret who and what I became,
No more than a mad dog, barking and fevered.

We think we get better and we're fixed,
we trust our 'brand-new' shiny heart into dangerous fires,
and are shocked when the gold foil melts,
and we see the same scars have always remained.

It matters not now, our paths have diverged,
Whether we meet again or not is immaterial,
The fact remains that I still have issues, problems that need addressing,
I still wish you well.

We'll see if we can meet as equals,
If not though it'll be fine
I'll have learnt my lesson.
And you'll have learnt thine.
Matthew 4d
Hand in hand
they look toward the sky.
red and stormy.
A promise was made.
their grips tighten.
flashbacks of warm days
before the fire consumes them.
From failure
New birth;
Out of ashes
We rise
Fists raised
Hope held
Danneli Jan 13
There are fires in the sky as eternal as rain
Born of passion and love, hurt and gain
There are ashes forgotten, and sparks like stars
This is love as we know it, a love that is ours
With you by my side and your lips searching far
That fire was mine and it lifted my heart
It melted my walls forged of ice and pain
My blood ran hot. I was human again.
The summer was short but the heat never left
Through the fall and the winter our secret was kept
The breeze of the spring would sigh it's old wit
Of the fire it clothed and the weeping it hid
Of the people it loved before they were lost
Or fought for their loved ones, whatever the cost
Summer came round and the voice of another
Entered your head, cried the tale of your lover
The distance was small, but it was enough
And with our fingers entwined, your fire was snuffed
The ashes remained ever lost to the wind
Each a word of your love destroyed on a whim
Rain washes away the remains of the past
Though we loved from our hearts, your fire would not last
My fire still thrived but it wasn't the same
From the sweet to the bitter...
The burning then came.
It's... an interesting concept, hm? Love dies fast, or it burns you up before it finally goes. Then there's nothing left to love, until something grows back. And so it continues.
MawaLin 5d
I was blinded by a veil of innocence
captured by an emanating light
when people kept warning me
of the fire in your eyes
the poison which lingers on your tongue
they said rocks are softer than your heart.
But I was so blind
and once the veil had lifted
I saw a light so dim.
"Love is not blind-It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less." Will Moss
And I live everyday of my life
with my exhausted soul,
Which is waiting for a magic
to happen with her.
Releasing her from such burning fire,
Making her full of strength
that can make her able to
forgive herself for all those
times she tries to remember him..
Remember him in vain..
The pain will start to lessen
On its own,
When she will take a breath
So light as her soul.
Sabrina 5d
I know
I accepted a long time ago
That I'm not good enough
But I'm working on it
For myself
So just wait and watch
As this unlit match
Burns an entire forest
With one ****** across the emery
Let them all wonder
How to put out the flame
That would tear down anyone
Who stood in the way
Of her self victory
When life has frozen you to your core,

Come to me as if I'm your fireplace.
I await you,
and burning to warm your soul.

Let me radiate heat with all the embers I have inside.
Let my love melt it all away
As my light casts dancing shadows
Along the walls
For you.
I am a roaring fire.
Welcome home, new friend
You'll be spending all of eternity here
I know it's unsettling at first glance
Faces full of sorrow
Fire scorching in every corner
Screams bleeding your ears
But you'll get used to it
It's your new home
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