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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
That's my response to your cold heart,
Sealed by walls of anger that makes me
Want to be the polar opposite of you.

The darkness runs in your family
The coldness, the disconnection
With others that make you lonely
No wonder I tremble from your touch.

Laughter and beer is your only solution
To escaping this life that you chose
I wish I can free you from this confusion
This trap that's causing so much pain.

I want to melt those walls with my love
And see the real you behind the stone
I've seen him once
Why can't I see him again?

It's like I don't even know you anymore
Please, let me see who you were before.
Ivy Leigh Sep 2019
Am I supposed to feel sad
about a disconnection,
natural but disheartening
when my own disconnection
stays persistent and I cannot
feed what I am not given.
How can one connect with
someone without touch;
without words that touch
and soften the moment
and the tension that should turn
into a transparent fusion.
vea vents Aug 2019
I'm ready to part with this piece of you I've hold onto so tight

Imprints on my hand that have comforted and held me for years

Deep etchings carved over time, where once sat care, now filled with scars

You were carved so deep, I thought you'd remain

I loved you as much as I could

As much as I could carry and was capable of

As much as my cold hands could keep the warmth between them

I thought I knew you when we cried between the sheets

Two lonely halves, somehow forming a whole

A love, I had not felt before

I thought I knew you

You and I, I and you

We came together, I thought I knew...

You used to feel like home

Like a soft bed, I could sink into, without remorse

But now, I know, there's no other way

I cannot cling nor stay,

For two lonely parts, never make a whole

And two lonely parts, fail to make a home

You and I, I and you

Forever, we remain, separate, just as we met

Strangers, torn into two

Still lonely, and lost, unknowing, and new.
Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.
— Anaïs Nin
Galbraith Frase Apr 2019
Aren't you getting drowsy?
From that rubber feeling being smudged inside
With the white lies, you're trying to hide
And answers that you cannot find

Human Pacifier
You feed them hope, you feed them glory
You feed them joy, even their exigency
You give your lasts and your entirety
Did they do the same?

Of course, they detect
That you're holding unto a Placebo Effect
Knows you're stoic and benevolent
So they keep sending amenable threats

Someday, it will trigger you
Your aspired esteem and prisoned wounds
Where you realize you need to fulfill "you",
Erase the 'shoulds' and do 'coulds'

It's not your fault being so tolerant
It's meant to happen though it's not meant to stay
It's not your duty to be the second hand
Just to be used and strayed

Recognize your worth
You must know when to leave the table
When you feel like being disabled,
Guard your heart and guard your castle
Because prevention is better than cure
It's okay to be kind but too much is nearly a definition of abuse. Stop feeding others for their satisfactory and start focusing on your betterment. Have you encountered a bond with someone with a great connection then it suddenly disconnects? Do you think it's worth another try?
Johnson Mar 2019
What is and somehow is there again
For the arms that gripped tight at the waist
Now seem to give way
To embrace this a new cold a formless shape

If life is the sum whole of one’s fleet joy
Somehow the light of life has never shone upon me  
This toil upon which vanity stole
Never again do I find such feelings arise
The death of all hope
The dreams that snuffed out

For long past memories seem to fill with hope
A promise of a chance for joy to resound again
A way to break this hold
And yet again I find myself alone as I am
In the greater distant as I choke

For in way it was never just what lies in between
What separates the two from them and me  
An endless divide for that which can never be crossed
Wanting to reach out yet the connection is invariably lost

The pain is not of the coming silence it brings
But to watch the days role by falling to their waste
Pining for what one can assume will never be
In the greater distant brought again to my knees
Violet Bliss Mar 2019
We vow on different creeds
Though we fulfill the same needs
We trot in different colours
When all we want is throw away all covers
You vie to be free
But all I want is you inside me
This was supposed to be for J.
Ash Mar 2019
Humanity is at the ****** of connection
Connection is plastered to our bones
It’s on our wrists dinging reminding us to take our steps that will apparently make us one with nature, it’s latched to our arms so while we are so spent attaching ourselves to nature that we don’t have to attach our phones to our hands, it’s our sun rise, it’s our evening prayer, heck it’s the only thing reminding us to wake up in the morning and connect with these people that we can only reach through these dull technological connections. Facebook says we’re here to help you connect! The Bible app dings remindign you, “keep in check!” You’re surrounded by connection, it immerses you and embraces you with its WiFi streamed arms and blue tinted light
But shouldn’t you be embracing the connection? Shouldn’t you be the one to swallow connection? Shouldn’t you be the one to amplify connection?
Humanity is at the ****** of connection but we are disconnected.. Shouldn’t the rate of depression fall not rise with every purchase of an iPhone. We are disconnected
From ourselves from nature from the spiritual realm and from each other because we connect our souls to these arguable objects of connection. Seems like we need an intervention from connection.  Shouldn’t connection flow within our bones and not simply be plastered to it? Connection is around us, but we’re not making the connection
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
In the cascade of my feelings,

a steep precipice separated the ways

disconnecting every bit from you

left me waiting on the long days
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