Million Dollar Paintings
First Edition Books,
social gatherings with the affluent,
wine in the magnificent moon,
stroll in the bluish beaches,
I tried all,
I left all,
for I met you
and you were my answer
to the surrealism I was seeking
and the salvation I found


Not all men are the same
Some are men of the winter

those who have never tasted the spring,

whose hearts are like a cold abandoned
car drowned in middle of a freezing lake

for whom the northern lights is like sun
and icy breeze
often whispers to them slowly
to search for their hearts

and they embrace the lake,
the frostbites and the abandoned car
but never the spring

There are three deaths,
first is when the body dies physically,
second is when the last person to know us dies,
and last is when all our work and creations
are forgotten or lost

the first two's we can never stop
and the last one is the reason
of our existence

Lets make it worth it.


His symphony,
blossomed the wrecked hearts
and compelled the angels
to descend from heavens

He then smiled
to the godly creations in awe,
bowed and left

for he had his own demons
to exercise and control
every single night

an angel was the last thing
he wanted

In the Madhouses,
everyone's insanity
is up to the brim
and pitch perfect

they are howling's
and scares of restlessness
but nothing is hidden inside.
it's like the soul
possessed by the heart

all are in the neverland
hallucinating on free will,
waiting for eminent death
with open arms,

but then again,
they cannot earn, be social and
breed for deemed to dangerous
for a society as their minds
are too weak and heart too strong.

I sometimes wonder,
where does the madhouses really lie?
within their boundary or outside?

We are the mere shores
and love is the turbulent sea
separated and united
at the same time.

to yearn to meet
and pass this great sea
is to face and gratify it,
knowing that it's turbulence
can erode us away anytime.

If I could rhyme
whenever I want
Wouldn't I be singing?

a hymn , an ode
a sonnet , a quote
What would I be bringing?

a laugh , a sight
a beautiful night,
Will you be there swinging?

a kiss , a touch
that wouldn't be much
my love,what shall we be drinking?

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